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  1. It’s not for everyone, that’s for sure. It’s one of my favorites, though. And the only Light game I’ve actually finished, lol. It’s not a nukige, and it’s definitely a serious game that tells a good story, but I can see how the disturbing content would completely ruin the enjoyment if you’re not able to handle that kind of stuff. It does bother me a little that this post spoils pretty much every plot point and twist, though. Maybe a spoiler warning at the top for those who might want to read it sometime would be nice. 

  2. 11 minutes ago, Plk_Lesiak said:

    It reminds me the most of that Demon Lord anime from last year, with the protagonist being an OP player roleplaying a villain (rather than actually being one). But even that makes it sound way more fun than it actually is – it does nothing interesting with the premise, nor does it know how to implement the tropes in a fun way. :wafuu:

    It does what it needs to. Show them lesbian tiddies! 

  3. 6 hours ago, 1P1A said:

    *Passes torch to @Dergonu*

    Haha. I did have some interest in this, and did grab it, though I mainly only glanced through some of the H-scenes. It is like Clephas says, mostly a dark nukige. I don't really plan on reading the whole story tbh, as it doesn't interest me much. (Bullying themes can be handled well in certain games, but a game that is 100% about bullying isn't really my thing.)

    It has some amazing H-scenes and very good art. That much I can say, at least.

  4. 18 minutes ago, Narcosis said:

    while Erewhon is supposedly sex heavy like their previous games... which will definitely ruin it as a story

    Clock Up usually does a fantastic job of making their H a core part of the story. They are one of those companies that handle H very well. Based on the trial, I think Erewhon will be very good. 

    Going to buy it in a few days myself. 

  5. 7 hours ago, Narcosis said:

    Since MG has access to ClockUp's almost entire catalogue now, it's quite possible we might get a translation in the future. I wouldn't bet on it, though albeit game seems tamer than most of their previous titles.

    While few in numbers, this actually has som seriously messed up scenes. Certainly not tame at all.

    It's miles ahead of Euphoria in terms of messed up crap, but Maggot Baits does beat it, and that is getting TLed, so hey, you never know. 

    (The loli stuff in this might be an issue, though.) 

  6. 6 minutes ago, Clephas said:

    Yes, but

      Reveal hidden contents

    None of the guro sex or fairy body jobs you are probably looking for.  She just eats a magic mushroom and becomes giant... for a fairy.



    :makina: RIP

    I actually just likes fairies in general. When it comes to "fantasy" heroines, I love elves and fairies. So, even if it's just vanilla, I might check it out at some point. Well, if her route is more than just a 10 minute read, that is.

    Seisai no Resonance had routes for extra characters, but the "routes" were pretty much just "10 minutes of dialogue, and then one H-scene! *The end.*"


  7. Went with something a bit different this week. Clephas has taken over, throwing the members into arenas even more messed up than before, with all kinds of mysterious dangers lurking around every corner.


    I redued the number of people in this chapter to four, as I'm on vacation, and felt like spending a bit less time writing this time around. Which is also why the chapter is a day late. Still, hope you enjoyed!

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