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  1. People seem to be listing the VNs they have played this year. I tend to play short nukige just a tad bit too much, so my list seem absolutely huge on VNDB, though the amount of 2 hour fap games in there is pretty crazy, so I'll instead ditch those and list the bigger games/ not nukige games. (I'll also try to somewhat list them in order of completion, though my VNDB is a bit all over the place so it's not 100% correct. Lastly, I won't be listing games I played only some of and ditched, but will be listing games I have a larger amount of hours in, like Tokyo Babel where I've played about 60% at least.)

    PS: my votes are terrible, my taste sucks, pls no bully


    - Sono Hanabira Nyuu Jene (Japanese ver) 9

    - Princess Evangile 7

    - Majikoi 10

    - Kimihane kanojo (not that long of a game, but since I was scrubby back then, reading it took a while) 9

    - Sunrider Academy 7

    - Beat Blades Haruka 8

    - One Thousand Lies (shorter title, but since it's nothing close to a nukige I'll list it) 9.5

    - Zoku Etsuraku no Tane (no one said anything about LONG nukige :makina: ) 6

    - Maggot Baits 8.4

    - G-senjou no Maou 8.5

    - Lucy ~ The Eternity She Wished For ~ 9.4

    - Kimi e Okuru, sora no hana 10

    - Tsui Yuri (Eyy! :sachi: ) 8

    - Sacrament of the Zodiac 6

    - Imouto Paradise 5

    - Raidy1 8

    - XX of the dead (not 100% completed, but enough to know that the game is awesome.) 8

    - Sakura Dungeon 6

    - Tokyo Babel 8 (like I mentioned above, not 100% completed. Still have some endings left.)

    - Ultimate boob wars 7.8

    - Seisai no Resonance 9.4

    - Nurse Love Addiction 10

    - Koiken Otome 8.3

    - Koiken Otome ~ Revive ~ 7 (not 100% completed, but I did the best girls' routes :sachi: )

    - Shi ni Iku Kimi, Yakata ni Mebuku Zouo 9

    - Ikikoi 6.5 (not 100% completed, 1 or 2 routes left, I don't remember.)

    - Guro Dere 7.5 (I don't care if it's a short nukige-ish game, I'm counting this!)

    - Pure Girl 7 (Also not 100% completed, but it's been quite nice so far)

    - Corona Blossom 7

    - Tokage no Shippo Kiri 8.8

    - ChuSinGura 46+1 (The JP version, currently around 35% through it. Longest, and so far the best VN I have ever read.)


    I'm sure I'm missing something, but not a bad list, all things considered. Hopefully my 2017 list will be even longer.

    1. Mr Poltroon

      Mr Poltroon

      "One Thousand Lies (shorter title, but since it's nothing close to a nukige I'll list it) 9.5"

      It's supposed to be short? Sheesh, games these days. I took week(s?) to proofread the damn thing. Agreed on the score, though.


      Tell me, which Ikkikoi routes are you missing? They've all got strengths, and I rather liked all the routes, truth be told.

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