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  1. Majikoi actually has a panic button haha
  2. The UI in most Yuzusoft titles is pretty great in my opinion. They got all the standard stuff + skipping to choices and scene jumping from the backlog. Also the backlog is like 999999 lines long which is somewhat interesting, if a little unnecessary. The "skip to next/previous choice" button is something I find quite important that too many games are missing. It's especially annoying when the game isn't very fast while skipping. I guess I'll drop in my VN UI/functions pet peeves and +1's since it's related: Cool stuff: - Cool auto functions like the one in KoiRizo, which adjusts the auto speed for monologue depending on how much text there is. Neat. - Being able to skip to the previous/next choice. - Being able to jump back in time through the backlog. - When CG's and scenes are grouped under their respective characters, rather than all being bunched together in a single "page 1-5" screen. - When games have lots of UI/settings customization in general (KoiRizo comes to mind, although I would have liked a way to disable the gestures). Not as cool stuff: - When the text speed option jumps straight from "k i n d o f s l o w" to "APPEARING INSTANTLY" (I remember S;G being very guilty of this). I usually prefer having my text appear a lot faster than I can read, but still with some animation, similar to this (excuse the terrible framerate of the gif). - When games don't have a master volume option. It's painless enough to do in the windows audio mixer though, so it's really minor. - The auto function in HoshiMemo, it's really odd. It has one auto speed for spoken dialogue and one for monologue, which seems good, until you realize that the spoken dialogue speed applies to the (silent) protagonist's "spoken" lines as well. The speed setting determines how fast the next line comes up after the voice clip finishes, so basically you gotta be reading the protag's lines fast as hell unless you want a 3 second awkward silence add-on to every single spoken line (you don't). It makes no sense to me, so I'm somewhat suspicious that I might be the one using it incorrectly or something though. Was thinking that I'd be able to come up with more stuff but I guess not
  3. Noble☆Works HD Version

    Patch works wonderfully, thanks!
  4. No romance plot

    How come this doesn't have any romantic elements? inexcusable But yeah, Tyrosyn summed it up pretty well. On the steam topic, I still find the "anime" tag a little silly, though tbh I can't come up with anything better - as a tag it works quite well.
  5. Nisekoi Discussion (Spoilers)

    Bump because I need to vent about how shitty the psvita vn handles things
  6. Has anyone played Sunrider: Liberation Day

    Somewhat unrelated question since I couldn't easily find the answer: How do Mask of Arcadius and Liberation tie in with Academy? Since I've only played the latter, I'm kind of curious to how they are linked. Do the former two games play out some years after Academy? Or are they the same characters, but in some kind of parallel universe? Topic-wise, I don't have much to add, since I haven't played the game. It seems like a shame that the game is that flawed though, feels like a game I could get into otherwise.
  7. Anime with ultimately satisfying endings

    This is like exactly what I need, thanks for the recommendations. plus points for this for sure, any specific recommendations?
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong about these requirements, I'm taking guesses based on some minor testing: First night: Self explanatory Kitchen 1-3: Has a chance of happening if Sylvie is wearing the night gown when the day ends. Probably doesn't trigger if you play any other H-events the same night. Outdoor 1-3: Have Sylvie wear the idol dress and go out into the forest. When taking a break, you will be then offered a second option which will trigger the event. Oral 1-3: Gained automatically as affection goes up. Bottom right three events: Triggers when several days go by without any H-activity. After a few days go by, Sylvie will talk to you about not having had sex in a while. You will then have the option to go to sleep or have sex. The latter will lead to the first of the events. If you deny her request and wait another couple days, she will mention the subject again (which will unlock a CG), and you again get a similar option to before. Accepting sex here will unlock the second event. Finally, if you again deny her and wait a few more days, the third event will automatically trigger after going to sleep. Although I haven't tested it, I believe that adding pink flowers to the afternoon tea will speed the above waiting process up slightly. For the kitchen/outdoor/oral events, you will unlock different scenes depending on how high Sylvie's affection is. Unlocking a higher requirement scene however, will automatically unlock the previous scenes as well (for example, triggering kitchen 3 straight away will automatically unlock kitchen 1 and 2 as well. Hopefully I got everything, ask if anything is unclear.
  9. loli irl would be creepy to say the least
  10. Great Main Menu Themes

    Steins;Gate's menu track kicks a lot of ass
  11. Spoiler-free Steins;Gate 0 Review

    Good review. I had personally hoped for S;G to not get a sequel, since I thought of the ending to be pretty good, but since this is the other, screwed over timeline, I guess there shouldn't be a problem.
  12. Best Final Fantasy story? (NO SPOILERS)

    FF6 has some gameplay flaws (mainly character balance; rip Cyan), but on the other hand, everything else about the game is great. The story, world, soundtrack, and characters are all memorable. edit: oh yeah, the retextured version looks like garbage imo, I'd just emulate the SNES version
  13. Blade and Soul

    The English voice acting is pretty harsh listening too, is what I've gathered
  14. Topic reminds me of the uncensored version of this game; penis looked like some play-doh creation Aren't images usually packed into their own package file thing, like how the voices often has their own files and such? If so, wouldn't it be possible to just copy over those .xxx files containing the CG, without disturbing any English content? I'm not exactly an expert in this area though, so this might not be a thing that can be done