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  1. It has a mystery tag, and the story is pretty good. I don't think he's that arrogant, the ending might change your perspective of him, so finish it.
  2. That goes for most harem manga/anime, really (except KamiNomi). At least it's not a shitty harem end where nothing is resolved and everything remain ambiguous.
  3. Let me say this, if I have to choose between Onodera, and Chitoge, I'd go with Chitoge, but this is NOT well written, it keeps dragging on and on like a crappy naruto's filler arc.
  4. I don't recall any bad music in my VN (or maybe I'm just used to shitty music), however I can tell you the best ones I've played... EVERYTHING FROM UMINEKO
  5. Okay, with the release of the translation patch (Thank you, FlyingPantsu team), and me who had played the prologue, I wanna ask those who already has finished the game in Japanese, will Seichii get better at solo queuing or will he stay as a defenseless support?
  6. You mean Death Simulator: The Animation?
  7. I installed a Win7 on top of my Win10 (duel boot) just to play Duel Savior... but.. it wasn't worth it
  8. all I wanna know is the release date. How long will it take for SP to release an already finished translation? 6 more months? If so, then I'll be pirating it. And hope that there won't be an huge gap between the Steam version and the Denpasoft one like Grisaia.
  9. Look pretty nice to me. Obviously they can't go through every bit of story from the VN without it being a rushed trash, so I'm looking forward to seeing what direction the anime will go without straying from the source too far.
  10. This discussion is still ongoing??? Rape or no rape, can't we all agree that it's hot?
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