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  1. Thanks to everyone that posted here. CryingWestern was able to help the problems I was having. Just going to have to be careful as I translate. I plan to make an announcement once all the files have been translated, then I'll be looking for about 5 testers to test for any bugs or untranslated lines. I'm expecting it to be done by maybe the end of this year as a Christmas comes or maybe sometime in early January or February. So be looking forward to it!
  2. CryingWestern, I'll be sending the scripts to you. Anyone else that think they may be able to help, I'll send the scripts but if anyone doesn't know, I'm sorry but I'd to keep any spoilers on a down low for now. Thanks again everyone.
  3. First off I'd like to say hi, it's my first time posting here. Now onto the main topic, I started working on a Visual Novel, that's currently secret, because I'm not 100% sure if I'll be able to finish it, though if I am, I'd like to do it properly and translate it into something everyone can enjoy. I also figured it'd be some nice experience even if temporary. I am currently working by myself but much later on in time I'll be looking for some people to help out with some play testing and maybe image editors if I don't have the time so please look forward to it! Now please keep in mind I a
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