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  1. ^ What @TastefulSardine just said. We need a QC and a TLC. Common tl will be done by the end of May at current pace.
  2. Is there someone who knows Japanese that could add me on steam or something similar? Because sometimes I get stuck on certain lines and kinda need some help.
  3. I think it's important to make alot of progress at the start also im not going to be able to make much progress or any at all between 22-28 so im trying to make up for that.
  4. I've been lurking and leeching off fuwa for quite awhile, i espacially liked that you could directly find the torrent on the site but thats no longer available, I mainly joined so i could get some publicity and help TLing Lover Able. I also quite like the souls games and bloodbourne.
  5. Dark souls 2, im also looking forward to play the bloodborne dlc.
  6. Damn if i posted here everytime i started reading a vn i would've easily had 100+ posts, currently reading lover able while translating it at the same time.
  7. Thanks for showing an interest. Since the translations is the actual playthrough it does help with motivation a bit. Nothing is certain yet but hopefully it will get finished with some help.
  8. Hello Project Introduction Started 2015-09-14. VNDB link https://vndb.org/v5734#main No website atm. Progress There will be a prologue release Soon™ Routes Kb Done Percent Common 452 277 61,28 Kaho 277 0 0,00 Nanako 277 0 0,00 Satsku 165 0 0,00 Tinatsu 263 0 0,00 Tugumi 292 0 0,00 Total 1726 277 16,05 Estimated raw translations completion 12-24 months. Staff or Team Members Translator Evilobject/Myself Editors: @OutoftheBox TLC; TastefulSardine QC: Hacker/Tools : SomeLoliCatgirl ? Old members: OhIThinkTheyLikeMe Recruitment Currently need TLC and a QC Any help is appreciated, just send me a message or maybe add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197986101832.
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