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  1. Tell a Demon is now available! You can now get it through... Official Website Itch.io Edit: It will be available on Steam, but not for a little while due to the set up required on that end. Thanks for your patience.
  2. Tell a Demon is now on Steam Greenlight. Please vote if you'd like to see it on Steam.
  3. Hello! Tell a Demon is in Beta. It would be nice to have a few testers from Fuwanovel. I'm short on Linux and Mac testers in particular. Here's the link to the Beta Tester application: Application Link I'm closing applications April 30th. Also, lots going on since I last posted here. My twitter has more frequent updates if you're interested in this project.
  4. Snippets of Tell a Demon art made in 2016 (although a lot more than just twelve artworks were finished last year). Also a new blog post on the progress and such.
  5. Some new screenshots of memories. (Not the regular font; I was testing it with OpenDyslexic enabled when I took the screenshots). @Zalor Thank you! I'm mostly just working in a style that comes naturally to me, though.
  6. Testing out WIP .gifs. Plus adding a couple new sprites to Act II. @Forgetful Frank - Thanks!
  7. Story text for Act II is done... onto adding new art (like the above banner), and scripting/coding it all in.
  8. Project Introduction Team - Sun Labyrinth Project Title - Tell a Demon Visual Novel information Tell a Demon is a Visual Novel for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It tells three intertwining stories of love, loss, and vengeance set in the 1920s style post-Imperial city-state of Asher. Player choices affect the outcome, with several endings for each character. Download the Demo or Purchase through: Official Website | Itch.io Staff or Team Members Musician - ProjectTrinity Artist, writer - S. A. Welland Progress 100% Complete Extra relevant information Website - http://tad.sunlabyrinth.com/ (Demo available) GxB, GxG, and BxG possibilities, but it's not a dating sim. Romantic options occur on plot-related branches, rather than designated routes, and it varies with each character's past history.
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