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  1. Wow talk about mod abuse. Why was my previous comment removed? The figures had to do with the past conversations I've had with originalren.
  2. Not really. You're the one that said you like to have sexual relations with solidbatman.
  3. Why would i? If you want to take it up the butt then that's none of my concern.
  4. You should have gotten this figure set. http://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1016860987&ref=list I think it suits you better.
  5. This is the only theme I like. The other three are trash and the best one was removed.
  6. I'll be willing to pay 10 bucks if someone makes a theme without that thing on the header. I hate her so much.
  7. Are you seriously asking if you can delete the .exe? That's the thing that launches the game.
  8. I guess it's time to make an update. I've been behind on the editing since I just started a new job and my composition class is about to finish in a week so there's been a lot of school work and online work to do. I'm 50% done but I need to re-edit what I've done so I'll finish in a week or two. Hopefully.
  9. The parmesan sauce isn't bad. It's literally parmesan sauce like the one that they use for the pasta and it goes well with mushrooms and pepperoni.
  10. I know exactly how cheap the place is. I used to work there up until a week ago and It might be cheap but at least the pizzas look good. That one you posted looks like ass.
  11. You're right. Pizza Hut pizzas at least look good.
  12. Will you get rid of that thing in the header for the new themes?
  13. I've been telling people its been dead for a while but no one ever listens. They all took Kleiner's comments to heart and mine were taken at face value. Though I never explicitly said I was a part of the project so maybe that's why.
  14. It's been dead for a while. This project was only alive for a few months and it's been dead for like a year and a half since MDZ finished his route. No one else even did any work. Well, there was one other translator but she worked at a snails pace and barely showed any progress. I have the scripts if anyone wants them. Maybe someone will finish the common and release a partial with that and the finished route. I think it was Asagao but it could be Mina.
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