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    So uh, hi, I'm Lenore! I've never really posted on this forum before... It's been so long since I wrote an intro post too, but here goes. I recognise there's some (kind of obvious) overlap between anime communities and visual novel communities, so there's a small chance you may have seen me being active on Twitter? Anyways, I've been getting into playing visual novels a bit more recently, but I don't know so many people who are also enthusiastic about them. So I thought about coming here, I'd really like to try and make friends and stuff! I guess game-wise, I have a bias towards yuri games and horror-type stuff, though I like a good tearjerker too... generally though, most games are probably good by me to at least try. I admittedly need to finish more, so if you end up looking, my VNDB list's a bit short at the moment. As you can probably deduce from the avatar, I recently finished Subahibi (w/ dictionary assistance), so I'm open to looking at Japanese-only VNs as well as English. I look forward to trying to get to know you people, please feel free to message me anytime!! :>