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  1. So I've finished Yuki and Chiho so far and liked both. Neither was great but both of them was quite OK. However,.... I started Mahiru... I usually have no problems with lolis but this is starting to become too much for me. I can handle the child like appearance. I can handle the child like voice. I can handle to some degree the childish behavior, yet it bothered me here since there was NO indication that Mahiru would be mature enough to have a relationship. What I can't handle however, I only started her route because I was interested in why she broke up with MC but maybe I would be better off if someone could kindly spoil it for me.... I wish we could have gotten Maya insted of her.
  2. So first of all hello everyone, this is my first post after lurking for a few years! I saw a lot of discussion about Maya so I would like to point to the Directros Comments part 2 posted by Mangagamer.link They did want to make her into a heroine but run out of budget (or if I want to be cynical they were gunning for the fan-disk). I think this is the reason why so much energy/work was spent on her. She is definitely the best choice out of the initial three. Shame.