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  1. I actually used to think AMV's were annoying until I started going to AMV contests at cons. I didn't think much of this one when I first saw it but I watched it a year later and really understood it. (It references a bunch of anime and I hadn't watched many of them yet)
  2. I'd have to say my least favorite character is from Genshiken Nidaime. I can't stand how Merei Yajima can be a fujoshi and yet be unaccepting of cross-dressers when she looks like a man herself. As for Makoto, he was an asshat in the anime but the VN obviously puts the player in control of most of his choices so he can be an ok guy sometimes.
  3. I watch Free! with my girlfriend every week and I'd say it has its gay moments but is aimed at heterosexual girls more than gay guys. (I do have a gay friend that's in love with Haru-chan) As far as things I'm ashamed of, I used to be ashamed I watched School Days as well, mainly because I watched it on a whim and had no idea what it was about (BIG EFFING SURPRISE). Many years later and I'd say that I'm no longer ashamed of it or anything else for that matter. Ok maybe a little shame for being a straight guy that liked reading Vampire Knight.
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