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  1. After I found this post I thought, ok, finally I will make a fuwanovel account and reply to you. :3 This is really awsome that you made this tool, it does save a large amount of time if you try to hook text with Cheat Engine. Finally. I did a workaround with "Mouse and Keyboard Recorder by RobotSoft" earlier but this is much better. You said that you can hook several emulators? Well, it´s not really new to do it with Cheat Engine. it was even on fuwanovel in some sort: http://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/5522-emulated-psp-game-text-hooker/ And to do a better overview, I created a thread and added your tool there instead. Because HAT is only an additional tool, not a method to hook text (At least in this status of this project). You should know, that there are multiple methods to hook text from emulators and programms, and the success / the workload is different. I think you aren´t informed that good enough. You shouldn´t ignore them. http://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/11329-how-to-translate-and-play-untranslated-visual-novel-on-emulators-psppsxps2dsgamecubewii/ Yes, I found the same link like you did too (Translating Daiya no Kuni no Alice on PC), and I made a video on Youtube about hooking text with Cheat Engine nearly 3 months ago. I even did a list with several platforms, tested games and finally added all my results in Google Docs. Started with the list maybe 2 months ago? You can find all my videos on Youtube, but I won´t post a link here, you will find them in the thread or the Google Docs list. After a large amount of testing over months I can say, this method still do have some limitations and does not work every time, but it works more often then VNR/ITHVNR with Emulators. And it funny to say that this is really the only alternative for some PC Games. For example, you can´t hook HapyMaher with any tools out there like VNR/ITH/etc because it don´t create a process of the window and you can´t see it in taskmaneger. For myself this topic is still under development, but if you are interested, here is the biggest list about hooking text from emulators you can probably find in the web: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17oyxmyedaMGc7c2_-48XXdsJCR7FjftakH3MIysMILk/edit?pli=1#gid=0 I really would be happy if someone could combine this with VNR. It would be awsome if somebody could tell me how to add this text in VNR. I really like that interface and would prefer to play in fullscreen with floating text. I tested your tool the last hours, and here are my results (Note that I did this testing as fast as possible to give you feedback): - I am proud, you did UTF-8 support. I thought at the beginning you only did UTF-16 and SJIS because only these can TA handle. But you should know there are several games based on UTF-8 coding. - I can´t find sometimes the text? Strange but sometimes it is like he don´t want to find it. After I added your tool, I am forced to go to the ingame text in the emulator and then start Cheat Engine. If I do it randomly, it will result in "??" everywhere. - But this does load sometimes so long? I have loading times up to 13 seconds. Every time I switch the text I need to wait so long, I think there is improvement. - Finally, one Question, why cmd.exe opens with Cheat Engine? Is there a way to make it invisible? If you have questions, I searched information about that like 5 months, but I think you got the most information out yourself. If anybody is interested in helping to make this list grow, write me, any help is appreciated.
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