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  1. I believe it was episode 5. The main focus was on Kinzo and Natsuhi. Natsui was However, the BGM plays pretty much everytime in each episode whenever Battler explains someting to turn it around
  2. I am looking for a BGM from Umineko No Naku Koro NI, but I can't remember the BGM's name. The music plays frequently and it usually occurs during the game sessions. My most vivid memory when the music is playing is from the moment when Battler had to explain how Kinzo was able to escape from a locked room Does anyone know the BGm's name during this segment? Thanks!
  3. I can't wait untill the game is released! The style looks nice and I"m curious on how the author will end the trilogy.
  4. Can I get a link to this build, please? Ehm, I don't have a link to it. It's a pretty old builld after all. I'm sure it's still somewhere around on the net, did you already check the PPSSPP site?
  5. It's an old build, but if possible try to get PPSPP version: v0.9.6-548-gf53ef47. The game should work fine on this version without any adjustments.
  6. Lel, glhf, don't die Mochida-kun <3 Don't worry I will survive..... I hope....
  7. I just the checked the PS store, and it's there! That was much earlier than I expected. Now I just need to get a PS store card and enjoy the game.
  8. The game is not out yet in my region.... Hopefully it will come out by the end of this month
  9. Does Another Code for the DS count? Otherwise it would be Phoenix Wright. If that doesn't count then it would be 999 and if that doesn't count then it would be Narcissu.
  10. Cool, I like Danganronpa series very much. Altough, I have to say say that Dangonpa 2 story wise wasn't that good, especially the motivations of some of the killers were not convincing at all.
  11. Thanks for the advice! I think it might be indeed caused due to "read lines". I did accidently press "S" (skip lines) instead of "A" for auto mode once, which caused it to skip a bunch lines. I'm not sure whether pressing 1/2/3 works in slowing down text, but it seemd to work when I reloaded an old save state.
  12. I prefer reading VNs with 1 line slowly showing up instead of having the full text and/or line being displayed at once. I was reading Umineko No Naku Koro ni Chiru when I suddenly must have pressed some button that changed that setting, the lines/ text are displayed immediatley. Does anyone know how to revert to the previous setting? Thank you
  13. Next year takes too long... I would like to play it now! The prize looks like one of the watches/bracelet from the game
  14. 2016 seems so far away... I'm incredibly happy that there will be a conclusion to the series! I willl be getting the game next year.
  15. Sweet! I can't wait until it comes out in Europe. Although, I don't think that this game will cost 15 euro or less in the PS store, just like CP 1 and Book of Shadows?
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