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  1. @darkmarmot - Agreed, Aigis is a great game, and very engaging. The gap between events have been a disappointment for us. That said, if the developer is only interested in releasing events bi-weekly, that's their prerogative. There seems to be a lot of confusion about this on a number of forums. Nutaku is not going to threaten to shut down someone's game because they're not meeting fan expectations. If the players are unhappy they will express it themselves. @Alucard - Guardian Mistress looks good, thanks for bringing it to our attention. We're currently scouting for new titles for 2016 an
  2. Let me chime in here and say that Nutaku is not wedded to the freemium model, as our recent sponsorship of Everlasting Summer should demonstrate. Right now we bring over DMM games which are built on that format, but we have every intention of expanding our selection in the future to include non-freemium. I've made posts on a few forums talking about how our ultimate objective is to foster a native-English adult game development scene. There's a huge demand for sex games of all sorts, but few methods to distribute them due to restrictions on major platforms like Steam. Nutaku wants to chang
  3. Proof: https://twitter.com/nutakugames/status/633705666952212484 Generally we go where the people talk about us. Hadn't come across your community prior to today. Thanks for the kind words! It's been a tough week, but the launch of Everlasting Summer has gone swimmingly and we're happy to be bringing a great visual novel to people who haven't experienced the genre before. Shameless plug: http://www.nutaku.net/games/everlasting-summer/for those of you who haven't tried it yet. The loli question is something that's decided by visa, mastercard, and paypal. We lobby them frequently to
  4. Glad you gave the games a try. To Soulless Watcher, Everlasting Summer is completely uncensored. In regards to Aigis, there's no lolis - there's also no mosaics over everything, as in the JP version.
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