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  1. [suggestion] New 50 VNs to read before you die

    The only ones from that list I'd consider for the new list are Kana and maybe Snow Sakura. Additions for the new list: Hakuoki Cho Dengeki Stryker Hatoful Boyfriend Yoake Mae yori Ruri Iro na Just go with Dal Segno. It's new and doesn't require any familiarity with the series.
  2. Key announced their new title - Summer Pockets

    Most of ONE takes place in Autumn, so a lot of people count that.
  3. Any good imouto routes???

    Nemu - Da Capo Yume - Da Capo II Mai - Yoakemae yori Ruriiro na
  4. Since I know I won't be interrupted by work, I'd like to use the holidays to remove at least one long title from my giant backlog. So, which game should it be?
  5. Key announced their new title - Summer Pockets

    I was thinking that too. It got me wondering if, perhaps, since Itaru is gone and Maeda has stepped down from writing, it might be time to turn Key into a legacy brand. Old games could continue to be adapted and merchandised under the Key name, but start a new brand for new era. With that said, there have been different artists before on planetarian and Tomoyo After. For me, it all depends on whether Summer Pockets reads like a Key game.
  6. Looking for VN with character looking the same as...

    You're probably looking for Tayutama. The main heroine, Mashiro, sometimes has white hair.
  7. Key announced their new title - Summer Pockets

    The first PV is out.
  8. What should I play over the holidays?

    It ended up a three way tie between Little Busters, Steins;Gate, and Subahibi. I knew I shouldn't have allowed multiple choices. I'm gonna go with Steins;Gate, since I'm neither in the mood for a tearjerker nor anything really f'ed up right now.
  9. Thoughts on Fakku distributing eroge

    As opposed to charging you $100 in Japan.
  10. Wich Novel I should read next ?

    Regardless of what you do with KonoSora, I'd recommend taking a breather from SoL romance and moege with your next title. Either go with Deardrops (from the creators of Edelweiss) or Yume Miru Kusuri (drama.)
  11. Which Long VN should I read next?

    I voted for Cinderella, both because it looks interesting and because I want to be contrary.
  12. Visual Novel suggestions for 2018 plz

    Get Narcissu 1st & 2nd, since it's completely free. There's a trial on MangaGamer's website, if you want to try it out. This is a high quality romance title. I recommend it. Just be warned that Chinami (the imouto) can be a bit much at times. Yes, Symphonic Rain has a wonderful soundtrack by the late Okazaki Ritsuko. She died far too young. Other titles I'd suggest that aren't on your list: ef - the first tale. & ef - the latter tale. Little Busters! English Edition Kindred Spirits on the Roof (if you like yuri) My Girlfriend is the President A Clockwork Ley-Line: The Borderline of Dusk
  13. Beyond Clouds — Beyond bad?

    The infamous SakuraGame is releasing flat's Hikoukigumo no Mukougawa on Steam as Beyond Clouds in less than an hour. This is their first non-nukige release and it's sure to be a disaster. Is anyone planning on buying it and finding out exactly how much of a disaster?
  14. Beyond Clouds — Beyond bad?

    Two days after the game was supposedly released, its page still lists it as 'coming soon.' Can we start hoping for a miracle?
  15. Beyond Clouds — Beyond bad?

    From your mouth to Flat's ears.
  16. Beyond Clouds — Beyond bad?

    I won't buy from them either. Seriously, fuck them.
  17. Sorcery Jokers was released on January 12th

    Buy it on Steam, then download the free 18+ patch from MangaGamer's website.
  18. New to VNs but not to Game Dev...looking for advice.

    It can vary a lot depending on a game's budget. I'd say that 5-6 body poses with 2-3 clothing variations are common, and maybe a dozen facial expressions. A character will need a blank-faced version of each pose, clothing layers in each pose, and a set/sets of facial expressions (only one set is needed per character if the face is always seen from straight on.) Combine these layers to get your final sprites (do this before inserting them into the game.) Oh, and chibi cut-in art is great for comedic scenes and very cost-effective.
  19. New to VNs but not to Game Dev...looking for advice.

    1. Players can be open to non-Japanese themes, as long as the game is well-made. And fairy tales are a popular theme for original English-language visual novels. See titles like Cinders and Cinderella Phenomenon. 2. Personally, I hate mini-games in my visual novels. I recommend sticking with decision points unless you're making a full-on hybrid game with lots of gameplay. See brands like Eushully and AliceSoft. 3. Just make sure you put your money towards the right details. Players will notice CG frequency and variation in sprite poses/expressions/costumes. Concentrate on getting your main art in order first.
  20. Help playing Little Busters

    Using Little Busters! to learn how route systems work is jumping right into the deep end.
  21. Happiness! is coming to Steam

    I left the following post in the Steam thread:
  22. Mangagamer and Friends :D

    For newer titles. Princess Evangile was released before MG started doing 18+ patches. There's a small chance that older Steam titles could receive patches on a case-by-case basis, but don't hold your breath. Censored MangaGamer Steam titles w/out patches: Cho Dengeki Stryker Princess Evangile MYTH eden* and D.C. III R also lack patches, but these games were originally all-ages with 18+ content added later/separately. PM me if anyone has a spare SonoHana key.
  23. You should play ef. It's a little older, but the visuals are great and the story is exactly what you're looking for.
  24. I'm not surprised, given that the art looked liked something straight out of LO.
  25. Umm... what?

    Yes, she literally collapsed, then grew from a child to an adult overnight. As for the mask dancing, I assume it's talking about kagura.