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  1. Good day, and say hello to our team: we are Mooseworks! I've been working on translating this game for several years going on 11 years now. There was a previous translation effort that gave up, and I just took over and have been working on it since. But we'd like to move it here, since this forum fits better for a VN, and we want to get people to help out! Update 2017-8-31- All current and future work has been moved to the 2016 HD remake of the game . The old 15% patch for the original 2008 version is still linked however. Update 2019-6-2- The 56% English patch with interface translations for Musumaker HD is out. Download it here. Just extract or copy and paste to the game directory. Be sure to apply the official 1.18 update patch first, however! Get it here. Please note - the patch breaks the saveload function for dialogues longer than 1 line. If you want to keep your save game, make sure to save on a non-split line, the schedule screen, or the "who will you train screen?" screen. Game overview VNDB: https://vndb.org/v1160 Official website: http://www.digitalcute.com/ Product link: https://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/product/B00L5PAVLM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&keywords=むすめーかー&qid=1504205685&redirect=true&sr=8-1 (There is a non-horribly censored one on digital-cute's website page, here) Brief description by sanahtlig from Mangagamer: Current members RaurosFalls - project leader / translator tymmur - technical leader / programmer Progress Currently there is a 15% translation patch out, which translates from the beginning of the game to a certain date (April 1st). Meanwhile, the actual current "patch" (for the 2008 version of the game) is available for download here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/i3levft6xv3cs7t/musu_translation_patch_v1.0.zip [released August 9, 2015] Translation is ongoing and status updates will be posted. Recruiting So our decision to move here came about because we think no one knows about our game, and we want more translators to help out! We'll gladly take on anyone who wants to help. This is too much for one man to bear . If someone also wanted to lend a hand decensoring images, that would be amazing.
  2. Alright, I've added the updated UI elements to the patch.
  3. @Alistoru Usually, the name being "Mikan,A01634" indicates the game is not being run in Japanese locale. If that's not the problem, then I don't know... @Philly Okay, this looks great! I will implement these images and apply them to the patch when I get a chance (probably tomorrow). Also, for everyone, sorry but I have been slacking. I will have to get to starting Hikari's route at some point.
  4. Tbh I do not see much of a difference between the 2 pictures. Perhaps the one on the left is a bit darker, but neither has a transparent icon. Edit: Oh I see. The left one has a whitish area cropped around the border. Yeah, I never noticed that. If you'd like to provide the cleaned images, I could replace them.
  5. There shouldn't be a reason that applying an updated patch would break your save game. It's possible that the format of the lines would change later though, so to be safe you should save on the schedule screen.
  6. Updated the patch. Now every dialogue line has 「」wrapping. Also, will add a note on the first post that saveload is still broken for dialogues longer than 1 line.
  7. Hmm, I realized there's still a couple issues with the current patch: 1. For lines with that are split (i.e., have multiple lines for one text dialog), the saveload function is still broken. 2. I have not added 「」wrapping to all the scripts -- only about half of them. I have someone working on adding it to all of them.
  8. @darkmage2015 and @Raum You're playing the non-fixed karin_qa script. You have to reapply the updated patch. @Bokun Thanks, you found the reason why the game won't save. I'm working on making a patch now that has a Japanese character at the start of every line. Edit: Okay, I've updated the patch so that saveload works now. For dialog, it has 「」wrapping and for narration, there is a space/indent. I should've known this would be an issue. There was the same limitation in the 2008 version of the game.
  9. Alright, I'll include a note on the first page about the save issue. You're looking at the real originals. It's just that the translated scripts contain @ on narration lines too, with nothing after it. This is what's mucking up the line numbers.
  10. Okay, well there's a couple options: 1. Leave the patch as is and just rely on saving at schedule or decisions. 2. Revert back to scripts without line breaks or @ character for narration. This will keep the scripts closer to their original, but will make the quality of the text box worse. It will A) introduce an indent to all narrated text and B) make new lines in between words in the game.
  11. Oh okay that's good, I guess I must have just broken something in my install. I didn't get voices even after starting a new game.
  12. You can download the tool to extract the .bin files from here. Usage: in cmd, type: exdxa <inputfile.bin> _taskforce_
  13. No, it's not supposed to be like that. I got that bug too. Sorry, but I am not a game modder. I don't know how to fix these now 2 bugs: 1. Inability to load save from a scene. 2. No voiced dialogue after loading from schedule screen. I may have to retract the patch if someone can't fix it soon. This is really unfortunate.
  14. 56.3% 0.2% TOTAL 34465/61164 152/61164 73.1% 0.4% Routes 30.1% 0.0% Side Stories 24.7% 0.0% Training Routes 96.0% 0.0% Common 100.0% 0.0% Karin 100.0% 0.0% Ichigo 100.0% 0.0% Mikan 100.0% 0.0% Yuzu 100.0% 9.5% Suika 100.0% 0.0% Twins 100.0% 0.0% Zakuro 5.2% 0.0% Secret A 0.0% 0.0% Secret B The left-hand column show what's been translated and the right-hand one shows what's been TLC'd/edited.
  15. I'm in Japanese mode and I get the loading issue too (if you save in the middle of a scene, as opposed to the schedule screen).
  16. Fixed the karin_qa.txt issue and updated the patch. The saveload issue may require some more heavy lifting. I will PM Bokun and enlist his help for this. For now, you should save at the schedule screen. Focus on intelligence first, as this unlocks new commands which are more efficient, lvl. mind and body to at least 2 to be able to use them effectively... if you do all 4 blowjob training scenes, you will unlock a new "service" command which nets you more money. Leveling mind by using calligraphy or ballet will increase your available willpower, increase its recovery rate from rest, and also you can buy recovery items once you get to the shop (in month 2).
  17. Updated the patch file. Some of the dialogue lines were still ending in 」 @BigBender Yes, I do plan on doing the training scenes, but it would take a while longer, yes.
  18. @Bokun Yeah sorry but, I can't attest to the quality of the patch in linux, since it's not made for it. If I had to guess, it seems the length of the line in linux is shorter than that in windows, so it's not matching up with the line breaks that have been inserted into the script to match up with the expected line length in windows. I'm not sure what to do about the saveload error either. Let me know if you want a "scripts" folder that does not have line breaks inserted. @Codesterz All of the routes are completed with H-scenes. However, for Mikan, Karin, and Ichigo there is weekly training H-scenes, which do not count as being part of their respective routes. These are incomplete.
  19. I'm kind of stuck with the patch now actually. I can't figure out how to inject the images into the game. Tymmur's program should be able to do it automatically but when I run it, it doesn't do anything The guy that was helping me has gone silent too. Is there anyone who is good with modding games or wants to take a shot at figuring out Tymmur's image injection scheme in his program?
  20. Japanese Help Thread

    Okay, thank you, these are great actually, I'll be sure to include them.
  21. Well thank you, I appreciate it, but it's not actually close to completion. This will be an incomplete patch. We're currently sitting at 56% of text translated. Also, since we don't have any editing/TLC check other than me, and there are things that I don't know how to translate sometimes. That said, this game is pretty huge and the jump to 56% from the last patch (15%) is enough to translate a boat-load of content and routes. I'd say since half of the game is H-scenes, and I've been focusing on routes so far, the next patch after this one will be mostly just H-scenes lol.
  22. Thanks, but I've got someone working on this for me now. I'll let you know if I need help. To be specific, the problem is that Tymmur introduced a bug in his installation script that causes the nametag for narration to show ???, instead of being blank. Other than that, I do have access to the decensored images (it's only 1 scene actually) and the nametag images that are translated to English. I probably know enough how to use Tymmur's tools to prepare that myself if need be.
  23. Japanese Help Thread

    Here is the original Japanese: --- Itsuki:「よし。それじゃ最初の問題。えっと 『蛇足』 う~ん、いちごの学年で、難しい漢字を習うんだなぁ。 Itsuki:「ちなみに、いちごは何て答えた?」 Ichigo:「へびあし」 子供らしい素直な答えで大変微笑ましい。 Ichigo:「ざくろは『じゃそく』だって言ってた。『そがじゃそく』だって」 曾我蛇足(そがじゃそく)……室町時代後期の画家。 Itsuki: 「へぇ、ざくろにも訊いたのか。……何でそんな知識があるのか不明だが」 Itsuki: 「これは『だそく』。あっても意味の無い物をこう呼ぶんだ」 --- Itsuki: 「えっと、次は」 『足袋』 Ichigo: 「あしぶくろじゃないの?」 Itsuki: 「これも普通には読めない字だな。ちなみに、ざくろは何て?」 Ichigo: 「足の袋だから、『くつした』だって」 Itsuki:「………」 Itsuki:(……もしかして、ざくろもあんまり勉強は出来ないのか…?) 雑学は多そうだが、確かに机に向かって勉強してる姿は想像できない。 Ichigo: 「あと、これを『たび』って読むのは恥ずかしい意味だから、絶対ダメだってざくろが言ってたよ」 Itsuki: 「……残念。これは『たび』って読むんだよ」 Ichigo:「うそッ!?」 前言撤回。ざくろは分かってて、いちごで遊んでいるだけか。 Ichigo:「酷いーー!! ざくろ、あんまりだーっ!」