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  1. Anything from Minato Soft/Carnival is pretty funny So stuff like: Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! Tsujidou-san no Junai Road
  2. My VNDB wasn't updated, I didn't even remember I had a tag on this forum Should be updated now
  3. I get this error when trying to run the: relord.exe file I do have Japanese local and the same thing happens under admin permissions. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Alright, I figured it out, all I did to fix the problem was make everything in the "userdata" folder not "read only".
  5. When I ran the acmp file to run the game in windows 8 compatibility, but then I keep getting this message: Tried many different thing like changing the shortcut comparability settings, but no luck. Would greatly appreciate any input, thank you!
  6. I solved the mounting issue, it seems that the mdf file doesn't mount with power ISO, so I had to switch to winmount to get it to mount properly.
  7. After I installed Hatsukoi using 2 image disc files, I applied the english patch in the directory. However, I cannot seem to run the Crack generator in order to play the game without the disc image. I can't seem to understand the error messages as well, so I have no idea how to troubleshoot the problem.
  8. Here is a modified version of Otakulair's Da Capo 3 walkthrough Go ahead and check out their site for VN news The first 4 heroines on the list MUST be completed first(in any order you choose) before proceeding to the other routes! The (*) indicator means different CGs for both choices, if you want all CGs unlocked make sure to save before commencing these choices. Morizono Rikka Rukawa Sara Yoshino Charles Katsuragi Himeno Hinomoto Aoi TRUE END Scene Recovery (This is essentially covering all other choices you did not pick
  9. How can I switch the game to fullscreen mode? The in-game settings don't change anything other than stretching the small window screen into different proportions.
  10. Just got Majikoi A-2 and when I attempt to launch the exe application it gives me this message: When I click yes, it takes me to a web page and wants me to download some kind of file, but the page is in Japanese so I don't understand what is it for. This is where it takes me: http://charge1.soft-denchi.jp/redirect/sdrt.htm Perhaps someone can tell me what the page wants me to do? But I would prefer to play Majikoi without having to download anything if possible.
  11. My Dracu-Riot earlier in the day was working just fine, I saved and existed the game to go eat for a couple of hours then came back to find this unusual error. This error is one that I have solved many times by simple putting the version.dll file from the Win8WOH.zip in the installation directory (in fact I had to solve it in order to start playing the game). However, even though I have been playing with this file in the folder for over a month, all of a sudden the game stops working. Things I tired: Downloading and placing a new version.dll file Restarting the Computer Chang
  12. U know da drill by now, vote u democratic scum.
  13. I never stated it was better before. Seriously, did you just write all of that to tell me something I already knew? Well except on what you said about people in poverty. Now a days, most people with psychological problems who cannot afford medical attention end up being homeless or in jail. Not really sure how that has changed?
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