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  1. So I managed to unpack Littlewitch Romanesque archives, and there is one thing that I can't change - it's the fonts. You see, I need to put cyrillic in game, and this fonts don't support it. They got *.rsf extension, and if you'll open it in hex editor, first word you'll see will be RASTFONT. Can anyone help me to edit it, please? Font example
  2. "The Herbalist" is a calm and meditative logic puzzle game from the creators of "Everlasting Summer". Along with Slavya you will need to recreate magical potions recipes. The game features colorful anime style graphics, pleasant soft sounttrack and fruity plot scenes. Plot: One day Slavya came to spend summer at her Grandma's place, but nobody was there to greet her — the hut was empty. Slavya found an old book containing barely readable alchemy recipes. She decided to restore the knowledge lost — maybe she would be able to find out why did her Grandma disappear. Game features: Searching and gathering magical and normal herbs Scores of unique potions and items Lots of rich and spicy plot scenes Game modding with new recipes, locations, events, etc. Links: Our Website Facebook Twitter Download free mobile version Steam Greenlight Download demo
  3. http://www.mediafire.com/download/uu0cucarbecf5r7/scripts.zip And how do I encrypt them back? Also how can I contact you? Maybe Skype or something else?
  4. Hi there. Can someone help me with I/O revision II? It uses *.ARC files and I don't know how to edit that. Any help please? upd. I did it with AnimED, but oops, I got encrypted *.MSK, *.WIP and *.WSC files. What do I do with it?
  5. Yes, it is. Does anyone got a archive with unpacked files from that patch?
  6. Do you got unpacked version of this patch? I wish they do an archive...
  7. I tried to run it, but it doesn't running and I got an error. It says: "Installer integrity check has failed. Common causes include incomlete download and damaged media. Contact the instaler's author to obtain a new copy." What do I do?
  8. Well, I can't find the english patch for Never7 -the end of infinity-. All links now are old and expired. Where I can find it or it is too late? Help me, I'm begging you.
  9. Well I like a lot of VNs, but my favorites -- Fate/stay night and Umineko no Naku Koro ni. Also wanted to read Never 7, but I can't find the english patch for it; all links are old and expired.
  10. Hello, people. My name is Horagema and I'm new to this forum. Hope I'll be the part of this community.
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