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  1. Thats where reading the fan tl already will help. Afterstory is the main area I need to re-read. Considering it's an entirely new translation, with explanatory Dangopedia footnotes added throughout the text, I just sorta figured the whole thing would need to be re-read for the review. You know, for people who are curious how the new TL stacks up to the old FTL? Or is the plan to do a "first impressions" review on the 23rd, followed by a more comprehensive review later?
  2. Congratulations! Yours was the 10,000th post in this thread! Take a bow, then go buy a lottery ticket or something. It's your lucky day.
  3. Let's see: Clannad releases in about 72 hours.Clannad takes somewhere between 70-100 hours to read, depending on whom you ask.Review copy isn't yet up and running.Hope you weren't planning on sleeping much.
  4. Of course not. It's on display in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying “Beware of The Leopard." You, of all people, should know that.
  5. I would pay good money for a censored version of this thread that actually discussed the topic at hand: the merits of the fan TL vs the Sekai TL. But I'm just a silly goat.
  6. Really nice stuff! Very relaxing and upbeat.
  7. Old-school coffee maker and a Nespresso machine. We get fresh pods for the latter maybe once a month, and they're all used up in about 2 days.
  8. I finished the last of the office coffee this morning, but did not start a new pot. I hate myself for this moment of weakness. I invite you to do so as well. Kim Kardashian once bumped into me with her butt. It did not feel like the breath of angels. It just felt like a very large butt. I was once a member of the Square Root Club. This was not an extracurricular activity; it's when the square root of your GPA is higher than your GPA itself. (I’ll give you a minute to do the math…)
  9. Wow, Project Zomboid is Steam Early Access? Man, talk about a long dev time. I just checked my old emails, and it looks like I first bought the beta of that 4-1/2 years ago. I guess it's probably changed a lot since those days, huh?
  10. Seconding Sennen Joyuu. An unexpectedly touching bit of filmmaking. I actually saw this in theaters when it first came out stateside and loved it. (Looking at the U.S. grosses, I must have been one of only 12 or so people who did so. )
  11. I keep putting this one off. One of these days, I swear. Put it off no more! What these two said. Great movie. Just do it. Don't make us make nest more quotes. We'll bring this whole thread down in flames if we have to.
  12. Nice list of VNs so far. And thanks for reminding me that I bought a copy of Sweet Fuse a while back. Still have to get around to reading it... Anyway, enjoy your time here at Fuwa. The donuts are stale, but the coffee is pretty good.
  13. My carefully considered response to yesterday's attacks: I hugged my daughter. I made her favorite breakfast, and I read her favorite books to her. Then we went to the farmers' market, where and she and I danced in the grass while an old man played acoustic guitar for us. This is what I can do. I will mourn the people we've lost. And I will love the people I can love.
  14. Play Kingdom Hearts. It's an amazing game. Enjoy. Then stay far, far away from any of the sequels. Unless you enjoy trying to sort out 40 different retconned characters all named Xylophone, or Xanthan Gum, or whatever.
  15. Thanks, but doesn't seem like it works in Safari on an iPhone. I've tapped every last pixel in the name/date and gotten no red lines. On the bright side, it means I end up posting less, which I think we can all agree is a good thing.
  16. Nice find. Thanks for sharing! It's a really interesting discussion, and I agree with a lot of what he says there. I've even used a few of the tricks he mentions — e.g., trying to talk with something in my mouth to get mid-fellatio dialogue right. (Although rather than fingers, I used a beer bottle, which had the added benefit of containing delicious beer.) The original KoiRizo translation just threw a "w" in as the second character of every word for this, which kind of made it sound like the protag was getting serviced by Elmer Fudd. While I'm sure that's erotic for at least a few people out there, I figured it was worth fixing in the edit. One thing I think he sidesteps in his discussion of "dirty talk," though, is the large disconnect in what actually counts as sexy dialogue in Western and Japanese erotica. A Western scene might have the heroine moaning, "Mmmm, I can feel you inside me. Harder! Harder!" whereas the literal translation of the same scene in a VN would have her saying, "Aaaaa! I can feel you punishing the interior of my womb with your dirty meat stick! Continue assaulting my undulating vagina with your thing!" You can polish the rough edges off that literal version, sure, but the Japanese descriptions are still much more clinically specific. (Oh so many script lines about the texture of vaginal walls and mucus.) And, if we're being honest about it, they're also much more about male physical dominance. To make this sort of thing sound truly erotic to the Western ear, you face having to jettison large chunks of the original text, which is always a tough call.
  17. Siren (aka Forbidden Siren in Europe) for the PS2. My favorite horror game by far, and one that surprisingly few people have played. Defenseless characters facing off against zombie horrors in a small Japanese village. The atmosphere of dread it creates is unparalleled and the game's sightjack mechanic (where you can use the analog stick to tune into what nearby zombies are seeing) makes for some really tense stealth gameplay. Nothing like peeking through the eyes of a zombie as it turns a corner and seeing yourself there. It's hard — very hard. Plus, there are multiple intertwining story lines that all interact with each other, so something you do hours earlier with one character can change things drastically in another character's chapter. A FAQ is recommended if you want the best results on your first playthrough, but going in blind is lots of fun too. There's a PS3 remake of this (which I own, but have never played — no free time) but I don't know if it retains the magic of the PS2 version. Guess I should find out one day, huh?
  18. Anyone found a similar solution for mobile yet? Hovering's not really an option, so the red line/paragraph indicators never show up.
  19. *reads comment* *looks at username* Yup, checks out.
  20. Then disregard everything I said. You will not like Persona. You poor, doomed soul.
  21. I don't want to be That Forum Guy, but I'm going to be That Forum Guy. Because P4G is just that good. If you like JRPGs and visual novels, it's pretty much a no-brainer. It's slow to start, but once it gets going, you're hooked.
  22. The enhanced version of SS1 that came out recently? Fine. A full-on modern remake? Ehhhhh...
  23. ++ to this. I think it took me 3-4 tries to finally finish TWEWY. Got halfway through the DS version a couple of times, but my interest always wandered to something new and shiny. It wasn't until the iPad version that I managed to push my way through to the end.
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