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  1. Honestly, the GrisGris Engine is a real mess, to be honest, so we may very well be forced to keep it as is. Also, if anyone here is interested in contacting me on Skype, drop me a PM and we can talk a bit about the project.
  2. Ah, a competitor? ; ) Actually, I'm Iarumas, the head of the translation project you're talking about. Talk about irony, but I just finished replying to another thread about our patch and this one here mentions it, too. Thank you for placing your faith in our translation, we are doing our best to deliver the best possible final product that we can. I'll try to keep you guys more up to date now that I am aware of the existence of these threads.
  3. Pst... Hey there, guys~ Iarumas here! I'm actually the head of the translation project and, while I was searching for some Dead Patient news, I found this thread. Guess I can help keep things up to date here, too. Your excitement, encouragement, and enthusiasm for the project is always so wonderful to see and I want to thank you guys for that personally. So, good news and bad news for the project. We'll start with the bad news first. The bad news is that the website being linked there is outdated and the countdown was a placeholder date. Unfortunately, I'm sorry to say the game will certai
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