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  1. I wish lol! I can't even speak Chinese which is my nationality though I was born and raised in the States.
  2. I'm honestly fine with English voice acting in my video games. Though I prefer Japanese voice acting in my anime. I'm just used to that way for both. And Kendjin, we're lucky to even get Tales of Xillia 2.
  3. I really want to play Tales of Xillia too. Tales of Xillia 2 looks amazing, I love the male character models. I beat Tales of Vesperia on the 360 and the original Tales of Symphonia on Gamecube. I also got really far in Tales of the Abyss but I didn't finish it.
  4. Nope, my real name is Kristin. I got the name Canas from a dark mage in Fire Emblem 7. And to the person who is about to take the NCLEX, amazing!! Good luck on passing on the first try! I'm sure you will.
  5. So I decided to look at Fuwanovel forums after a long time of not doing that. And it sure has come a long way, I remember the first time I looked at the forum there were barely any posts, I think Aaeru just created it at that point. Anyway, my online name is Canas and all my hobbies are East Asian entertainment related except for my love of books (fantasy/science fiction novels and interesting nonfiction books). Which are usually American or European in origin. I love anime, asian dramas (specifically Korean and Chinese), visual novels of course, video games and books. I'm also Chinese American I was once staff on Amaterasu and I still hang out in their staff channel and still talk to, for the most part, two members frequently. I worked on a Profile and Rewrite. I also have a Bachelor's of Science degree in Biology and I am going back to school to try to get into an accelerated BSN program and become a nurse. After I hopefully do that, I plan to work like two years at a hospital and then go back to get my doctorate in nursing so I can become a nurse practitioner. I want to specialize in family practice.
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