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  1. What do you seek from VNs?

    I like porn with a story. And visual novels have the best ones in all adult entertainment's industry. I don't ashamed to admit why sometimes I choose them over mainstream games, books or movies. They give me an ideal sexual content without typical society restrictions. And they handle romance, action and drama stuff pretty well and exciting for me to go back to reading, even if I'm getting older. I have never received such complex combined feelings of intellectual, emotional and physical enjoyment from any other media. Movies are good but they can't provide such level of intimacy. And when my real waifu is not around, visual novels save me from loneliness.
  2. It's clear, that Frontwing losses the AX. The most anticipated titles are being pushed to 2018 and Subahibi suffers from deleted content. It's funny, that, apparently, from the lawyer's point of view lolis are fine and bestiality is not. Regardless, I'm more worried about Subahibi TL quality. I heard it has quite unordinary "crazy" style of writing.
  3. Oh, no, my dear Majikoi! Why, why JAST? I will never have my sweet time with maids... Better start learning moonrunes, because now I definitely have all the time in the world. Also, FLOWERS -The volume of summer- (Winter 2017), JAST, come on! As for the long-awaited 18+ Maitetsu, I still have a doubt that we'll get the full version without the most controversial content being cut. It's so loli and with Steam coverage, so it could potentially raise some SJW hysteria. But if Sekai would have chosen to make the unofficial patch (like JAST with part of SD), I would forgive them all the sins. Their upcoming lineup is so huge right now, that I'm scared of how many Kickstarters it would take to release everything. Still, it's funny that the only thing I'm really interested in is Damekoi. I like "adult protagonist" tag. Anyway, great AX so far.
  4. Wait for Maitetsu and you will see
  5. I just came back from the dead to say some words about the AX announcement. Mangagamer: plain and expected with Evenicle being hyped for almost a year and Moonstone's title that nobody cares, but Damekoi is interesting. Sekai: Yuzusoft gamble, and expect delays, kickstaters, broken promises and weird TL choices, especially with 18+ version, the usual SP crap. Nanairo is good though, great choice. PS: To all Dracuriot team - not nice, guys. Glad, I'm stupid ESL that had played with unedited patch months ago. Oh, yeah, since ChuableSoft is dead, I wonder, how MG will deal with SukiSuki or possible another "secret" title from this company. In conclusion, SP wins this round. You can't beat Nekopara money

    At least, now that the Sekai's financial future is secured, we have a good chance to actually see a release of Baldr Sky.
  7. Question about 18+ Grisaia no Meikyuu

    It's Sekai's usual routine. Promise "the end of something" and then delay until everyone forgets about it. Then release it and wonder, why no one buys it. And to be fair, there's much more interesting stuff going on the Nekopara kickstarter, who cares about a hundred fans of uncensored Grisaia.
  8. Is Majikoi a good romance VN?

    Majikoi is an erotic romance comedy. Most of the jokes revolve around sexual topics or characters memes. It's nothing like Rewrite, LB or Eden, it's closer to American Pie movie but with a style and crazy (in a good sense) samurai battles. It never gets serious enough to be considered as dramatic title, but, yeah, it's incredibly romantic, funny and full of life.
  9. 11eyes

  10. Games similar to eiyuu senki

    Seinarukana or its prequel. Just lighthearted yuri rape https://vndb.org/v26 https://vndb.org/v74
  11. 11eyes - A Denwatls Translation

    Such a great addition to my winter visual novel's pack. I watched couple episodes of anime, but didn't really it. Hope, the game is better.
  12. What I don't like about those great guys at PQube, it's a lack of any definite information concerning PC port. They put SG on Steam (after how many years of fan and official TL) and at the same time release Zero for consoles. Just give a hope for non-pirate community and those who can wait, will do that.
  13. JRPG with romance...

    Dawn of the new World was my first Tale's game and I liked it. Much more than f.e. Tale of Zestiria. And as I'm aware we don't discuss plot material here. Only a questionable part of it called romance sublot. It's just aside those really well-done emotional videos I can't feel that Tidus/Yuna relationship is real for me. They are together almost the whole game but rarely speak to each other or show noticeable affection. Then by author's will happens such powerfull bonding moments like or and I wonder, how the hell they got here without me noticing. And then it ends on and I'm just completely baffled. Not enough foreshadowing and bad directing is what FFX love story for me. A big letdown after heartwarming romance subplot in FFIX. To write a good love story, one need to follow three basic rules. - You need to show how the characters fall in love, when and why. - It is necessary to demonstrate how they change their attitude towards each other throughout the story, and how they change themselves. - And it must be certain in the end that they're lovers even if they don't end up together. They don't have to confess their love to the world, they don't need to speak the oaths at the altar, but their feelings should be unambiguous for the audience. The great example is Trip and Monkey from Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. But it's not jrpg or J-game.
  14. Fault Milestone Series

    Well, I'm a big fan of the series myself. It's one of those doujin titles that you can actually buy without regret. I wish, guys from "Alice in Dissonance" would stop drawing Patreon's art and release the new games. More than a year has passed since last milestone, still no prequel or sequel news on the horizon. I liked the tech demo, but I'm waiting for the main dish. Because nothing is really set in stone for the romantic relationship. While there's one implied scene in milestone 2, I don't see this series as true yuri. But it's one of those rare cases where I would love to be wrong
  15. JRPG with romance...

    I love romance in games. Let's the topic live a bit. Another bunch is coming from me: SNES: Terranigma, Illusions of Gaia, Luminous Arc, Lufia 2 NDS: World ends with You, Soma Bringer, Radiant Historia,Nostalgia PC: Embric of Wulfhammer’s Castle, Alpha Kimori PSP: Mimana Iyar Chronicle, Hexyz Force PS2: Mana Khemia, Magna Carta: Crimson Stigmata, Xenosaga, La Pucelle Tactics, Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King, Dragoneer’s Aria PS1: Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure, Azure Dreams Please note, I can't vouch that all of them have a decent romantic storyline. But it's there even if just implied. I could get a longer list if you would accept western or action games. Another thing about FF frunchise. While early games V-IX have more or less good romance subplots, avoid FFX at all cost if you're only looking for the love story jrpg. I don't know why people claim it's the most beautifull romance in videogames. Take those CG movies away and all is left is awkward Yuna laughing scene and Tidus stupidity. Fran and Balthier from FF12 have better chemistry than those two wooden dolls. But it's still great game gameplay-wise. Personally I love Persona's games, especially 3-4, but I don't like its romantic component, because dating with girls in game has no relation to the main plot at all. This is more of a simulator to improve your character. Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. Also, for a good romantic story it's not necessarily for characters be together in the final.
  16. Usame Haru from "G-senjou no Maou". She was my first "love" and she still is one of the favorite characters from vns. Genious, mysterious, loyal, sharp-tongued. And I'm really fond of her voice. Special mention to: Tezuka Rin (Katawa Shoujo), Hagana (WEE), Ritona Reighnvhasta (Fault), Kurisu-chan (S:G) and a certain naughty witch from the one cursed mansion... I guess, I prefer when my heroine is smarter than me
  17. JRPG with romance...

    How about that: Wii: Arx Rise Fantasia, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, The Last Story, Xenoblades, Pandora's Tower, Fragile Dreams PC: Akiba's Strip, Valkiria Cronicles, Conseption 2 3DS: Fire Emblem: Awakening NDS: Sands of Destrution PS1-2: Star Ocean series, Rogue Galaxy, Odin Sphere, Grandia series, Thousand Arms, Legend of Dragoons, Atelier Iris Do you need more? I'm a big romance fun myself and I've played tons of games with romance sublot. Not just "jrpg". Tales of Zestaria doesn't involve any decent romance, only bromance. And for now Trails in the Sky is the second best romance story in videogames. The first one is Xenogears.
  18. Rance 5 6

    It IS speculation. But judging by their recent schedule and the importance of this title for MG I think they will do whatever they can to release it in the end of the year. Holiday season is the best time to sell games. Even perverts celebrate Cristmas.
  19. Rance 5 6

    Late December, I believe, right before Cristmass.
  20. A wild Dovac appears!

    The only thing that's ruining SP's reputation is when they don't deliver products they promised to or handle them worse than expected. How long have Root Double's backers had to wait for the actual shipping of stuff? How many "summer's ends" in 2016 until the final episode WEE will be released? How long should we wait for the uncensored Grisaia's games? Does anyone remember about Kokonoe Kokoro? What about Kickstater for Wagamama High Spec or Nekopara? That the answers I'm waiting for. Also, please don't start this mantra about "unexpected" localization problems. Sekai is in vn's buisness for two and half years now. There are big boys and they better start to act like ones. My whining ends here. My hope lives on.
  21. <Spoilers> Muv Luv Alternative sucks

    I mean, he starts like a generic protagonist in the fisrt game.
  22. <Spoilers> Muv Luv Alternative sucks

    Then take some notes from my point of view. All of them are personal thoughts on the subject. 1) Takeru is sucks like every other protagonist in 99% japanese visual novels. Everyone of them sucks in some way or another. But he sucks in Shinji Ikari's kind of way, acceptable for a teenager thrown in such horrible parallel world. 2) You can't maintain a good pacing in such long and massive visual novel. It's just impossible to achieve without skills of a genious writer. Steins Gate also drags sometimes. That's ok for me to relax from battle's sequences. 3) All of this science stuff I've learned in highschool. It's a basic quantum phisics. It wasn't hard or pointless. I found it satisfying for my own interest. Bugs info was engaging and so the military structure. 4) 30% of Muv-Love is a filler and exists for the sake of the world buidilng. You can't show another life without SOL episodes. It would be another game. 5) People die on war randomly. Sometimes because of their stupidity. That's a shocking truth, all right. Nothing to complaine. I agree that rape scene is not needed. That's just for japanese. 6) That's where I disagree. All except Takeru have decent development throught the course of the plot. 7) It's not about romance. They use the most popular options because of predecessors. 8/ He doesn't remember but he can still feels the pain in this timeline. That's why he cries in the start of Alternative. You see the title, Alternative, one of the many. 9) He's a teenager without talents or strong ego. Like of most of us in real life. He's a bad protagonist but I can still believe in his hardship. There are two reasons why people value Muv-Love so high: world-building and atmosphere of the post-apocalypse. It delivers in action scenes and in graphics, sound effects for the vn's standards. Even in 2016 it looks and feels great, like you are watching TV's war drama. Someone who knows japanese constantly says that Baldr Sky has everything Muv-Luv is lacking, but we're yet to confirm it for ourselves. "Baldr Sky vs Muv-Luv". That's the topic I wanna participate.
  23. <Spoilers> Muv Luv Alternative sucks

    Well, we have a recent history of "suddenly" new people comes to Fuwa with a header "this game sucks" and with arguments I can describe like "subjective opinion" and then compare SiFi to erotic comedy and thriller. That's why iI find it suspicious. Also, the way you make your statements shows that you already have your answers. Like me. But I'm not trying to start a dispute, I'm simply expressing my subjective opinion. The way you do it, aggressively. If I was wrong, I appologize. If I'm not, well, I'll be waiting for the next big topic. What's left? Steins:Gate sucks?
  24. What constitutes an "Otome Game"?

    One of my favorites vns are Fault: milestone one and two. Most of the characters there are females, but it's not even close to otome genre. So, I think "otome" is just a title aimed at a female audience. It could be BL or yuri. The main factor is who can you romance and how you can do it.
  25. <Spoilers> Muv Luv Alternative sucks

    Another week, another troll appears. I always thought Muv-Love was about emotions and connections with people inside the cruel world. I don't give a fuck about all this quasi-scientific theory and quantum physics, because it wasn't really important for me. It's not a the Ulysses, it's an action si-fi with extraordinary world building. Authors made a lot of mistakes, but they've managed to create likable characters. I was crying like a baby when the game ended. Many years have passed and I still remember the characters, my friends which I held dear for 70 hours of non-stop reading. That's why this visual novel is great. If you don't feel anything, then you should go back to comedy eroge.