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  1. So far I am playing Infamous Second Son and Jstars victory+ on my ps4. EDIT: Add me on psn if you'd like. c: PSN: Aye-Manuel
  2. Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry It's been one of my favs for awhile. I am also currently reading the manga. I was so happy when I heard they were going to make this into an anime. x)
  3. I'm not really scared of buying things from Japan. But I am scared that I might waste all of my money doing so. lol
  4. I think they look the same since they're public schools. If they were private they'll look completely different I think.
  5. I think it's completely fine. I listen to it since I can understand it but it's fine if you don't. Everybody has their preference man. You can't let others tell you what to listen to.
  6. Yeah I was going to buy this until a friend warned me not to.
  7. Well I had a problem at first but you answered it in your previous posts. But great job. <3
  8. Cloudie


    To bad I never seen Spice and Wolf.. I'll get to watch it soon though.
  9. Cloudie


    Thanks, guys, really appreciate the warm welcome.
  10. If you're using an android I suggest using Zingbox. I use it and it downloads things fast. It also uses quite a few sites to download/view manga from.
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