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    cookiefrommars reacted to NowItsAngeTime in A small preview of new additions to Rewrite+. Contains spoilers for the end of the Final Route.   
    Draconyan TLd the new stuff, existing TL content taken from Amaterasu.
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    cookiefrommars reacted to iKiritoCy in Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou Translation (Common Route Finished!) Looking for TL   
    Vn info: https://vndb.org/v10680/chars
    This vn was always on my favorites so i started translating now that i've got more experience as a translator, as well as japanese in general, so i began translating it.
    Note: Thanks to Keisuke from my team for showing me how to get the original scripts.
    Note2: I will also translate the append disk which is the ver2.0

    The common route is now fully translated!
    You can also check out our new page here!
    Total Progress Of The Translation
    Overall : 10613  /31,248  (33%)
    Luna's Route: 1926/7764  (24%) 
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    cookiefrommars reacted to DrDaxxy in Chaos;Head Noah PC Port and Translation Project   
    Chaos;Head Noah (stylized as ChäoS;HEAd NoAH) is an updated rerelease of Chaos;Head, a 2008 visual novel by Nitro+ and 5pb. This version includes six new endings that were not present in the original; one for every main heroine. However, while the original version was only available on PC, the updated version was available on practically every platform but PC.
    We at the Committee of Zero intend to change that.
    The original Chaos;Head was translated on TLWiki years ago. We intend to build on this work, but heavily revise it and edit it as to match our writing style. Please bear in mind that we are not associated with TLWiki's team in any way, and this project is not related to their own abandoned Noah port and translation.
    We are currently in need of:
    A translator with some amount of past experience and the availability and diligence to make steady progress over a few months to a year. Our core Noah team consists of:
    Engine Reimplementation for PC: SomeAnon, DrDaxxy Translator: [RECRUITING] TL Checker: SnowedEarth Editor: Kumin, Discontinuous Qualia CG Editor: Cypert Keep in mind that this list does not include everyone in the Committee of Zero. We have many members, including those who have done... zero work.
    At the moment, not much work on the translation itself has been done. We've set up the basic workflow and are putting together an organization system, so once we finish our current side project, we should be all set and ready to jump on translation work no later than the start of the new year (assuming we find a translator by then).
    However, what this project currently lacks in translation work, it makes up for in porting work. Our technical team is building a complete reimplementation for PC of the N2System engine that the Xbox version of Noah runs on, and we've made substantial progress. Right now, the engine is capable of reading and interpreting the game's scripts (though it currently only displays backgrounds and plays in-game audio - nothing to show off yet).
    By the way, SciADV fans may be interested to hear that we recently released a patch for the Steam version of STEINS;GATE fixing many of that version's shortcomings. We don't feel this warrants a Fuwa thread on its own, but we wanted to mention it.
    The port will likely be finished before the translation, and once that happens, we plan to release it, so Japanese speakers can read the VN on PC.
    If you're interested, and think you can help, then aside from this thread and my PMs, the best places to contact us are via e-mail at sonome@dareno.me or our Discord.
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