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  1. Thanks for pointing it out. It's really weird, since saving/loading worked back then. But maybe something messed up ­čśä. I'm gonna look into it, once I'm back from vacation. Someone already told me on Twitter. I'll dm you and post a global solution here on avail ­čśő
  2. Hi there, It's 100% finished, but might be buggy at parts. So there might be updates, when someone reports them. I'll change the misleading word Back then I wanted to fix the linebreaks and translate the Menus, which are half done...only need to find those files again. Maybe I'll throw the latter one in someday. And yes, you should watch the anime first, and then go on reading the novel There is actually also a lightnovel out there, but it hasn't been translated yet. - lolgc
  3. Hi there, First I want to apologize for the long wait. The TL was actually finished in Oktober 2014. But then real life got tougher, and I had no time to maintain the project. I'm deeply sorry for this, especially in regards how fast the translator and the editors worked. But at least we decided to release the latest version today. Since this is a very old build (december 2015), it could be, that there are still bugs in there, I totally forgot about to fix. I subscribed to this thread, so if you find any bugs, please post them over here or pm me on twitter. ~lolgc
  4. Like RusAnon says, there are much more Russians inside the community. Ofcause, doing a JP -> RUS -> ENG translation would be on one hand faster, but also on the other side much more lossy. You see, the anime is actually quiet old now - and already two translation groups stoppped doing the translation. And because a RUS TL had been made, I just thought, that realizing a TL for the English Community might be more achieveable, than doing a JP -> ENG TL. Actually, I'm currently busy and even don't speak any Russian -> but I would be indeed glad, if someone could take this up. lolgc~I-VNTP
  5. Data extraction thread

    428 ~ in a blockaded Shibuya & Imabikis┼Ź Platform(s): iOS, PS3, Wii, PSP Filetype(s): *.sns & *.flo Description: ┬íNotice! The PSP, PS3 and Wii version uses CriTools in order to pack the game content. Android/iOS users can let this step out, because after extracting the cpk you'll get the same to.sns & to.flo files like on iOS/Android. Although this post is based on 428, Imabikis┼Ź uses the same engine, so it should work as well. The to.sns file is the main script file, which has the game text stored. It is encrypted. So in order to decrypt the to.sns file, you can use my 428tools (thanks to binaryfail for the tips). Unfortunately it will only decrypt the files "in a basic way": After decrypting with my tool, you'll get the same result as it can be found inside the RAM of the PSP. Click here for a full RAM Dump; here for a minified version. Unfortunately, changing the text into something with a higher or lower amount of characters results in crashes. That is the point, where my team and myself are failing. We need to find a way to get the real scripts out of the binary data. If you have a look in a hex editor, you'll see, that there are many references to xml files inside the to.sns file. Therefore I think, that it is a container file. After doing more investigations on the RAM of the PSP, I couldn't find any clue, on how to get those xml files, cause aren't cached inside the RAM. Therefore we would need to reverse engineer it (most probably), which is bad, as none of us, know how MIPS or working with a disassembler works. If anyone out there can help us, with that, it would be awesome or at least, how I can start working with the PPSSPP Disassmbler. The to.flo has text too, and additional binary data, that can be viewed inside a hex code. So although a step has been done, there is still some huge parts left. I hope, that we'll get the hacking done, so we can proceed in translating the wonderful visual novel. lolgc~i-vntp & team
  6. ...need to find a hacker for 428 TL

  7. Hi, If there is anybody who would consider doing a RUS -> ENG Translation of the already existing Russian translation, please write pm me. Also there should be some, who would like to work on the language editing, to make it sound fluent. Don't let the TL attempts of this novel die Lolgc~I-VNTP
  8. Hi folks, me and my team would like to translate the visual novel 428: In the Blocked City by Spike-Chunsoft. It had been praised a lot by critics and could even get the famous perfectscore by famitsu. The game also has a subplot written by Type-Moon, which had been released as an Anime called "Canaan". The anime contains many references to the plot of the visual novel. The visual novel itself has been released on the WII, PS3, PSP, iOS & Android. We decided to go to first for the PSP version and then backport the translation patch to the other platforms. But in order to start the translation project, we need to get the text ectracted first. That's the point where I'm stuck because of me lacking of hacking experiences. The good point though is, that all platforms use the same engine, so once we figure out how to deal with the PSP version, we might have it easier to work with the PS3 or Wii version. The bad point is, that the encryption is more difficult, than I had expected it. So this is the point, where you as a community come in: I hope, that we'll be able to get through the encryption with combined forces This is the information I could gather so far (Thanks to cryofrzd for validating some points): The game has two scriptfiles: the to.flo and the to.sns to.flo: Seems to have the function of a linker/header file. It says, where text inside the to.sns starts. to.sns: Main script file containing all the text According to the Chinese Translation Team, the to.sns file has been xored with 0x10 as the key. Unfortunately neither cryofrzd nor me could validate that fact. The to.sns uses UTF-16 Little Endian according to its Byte Order Mark Unfortunately thats already all we've got. If you would like to help us, you can have a look at the psp scripts, which can be found over here: to.sns to.flo Every suggestion or idea, even if its very small, is appreciated, so please don't hesitate to post them in the comments Thank you lolgc & I-VNTP
  9. VN4ALL

    Yes, thats true, as I'm currently focussing on Steins;Gate/Chaos;Head & Machi/428
  10. I have the iOS version myself. The sns file is the script file. The encryption is a bit messy, as it contains lots of linkers. Once I've decrypted it, I'll leave a message over here. It can be, that tips can't get translated, though...
  11. No they aren't...but I could speed some things up. Nevertheless, it won't come out before 2014Q4
  12. Write me a pm, with the contact details of the one, willing translating it.
  13. Yes, a text file (txt would do the job too) may be the best possibility to share the scripts. "When I have a little bit more time, I may be able to do some translation for this, instead of TLC, but only if you cannot find another translator." That would be great