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  1. Small Update 11/11/15 - Certain Files for the images have been adjusted to fit onto the PSP/VITA Screen. We expect that there's going to still be some other images that are going to look weird in-game. New Guides have been updated. be sure to check them out!!! http://eternalnyaboronofficial.weebly.com/gudies.html *NEW POLL* I made a few "custom" logo images that will be used as a translation image representing us, "Eternal Nyaboron." Taking a look at these 4 Images (Will be labled too) Which image would you like to see in game when the patch is created? (Note the image chosen will be edited more and adjusted once a Conclusion is made.) Sakurasou Logo 1 Sakurasou Logo 2 Sakurasou Logo 3 Sakurasou Logo 4 You can vote anytime at the top of this page!
  2. Haha lol. I wouldn't be surprised either. Or maybe they aren't. Huehueh
  3. True on that, then again, some of the translators and editors voted to do a different project after Sakurasou is done. I'll might as well try again later in the future
  4. Happy November! Around this time, I have some news for everyone who was waiting since October 20th. There has been a lot of changes going on with our website, along with moving and deleting a few active pages that aren't necessary. By tomorrow, there should be a small how to guide (if you already bought the digital version and waiting anxiously for the patch) if you want to pass the "alpha" game design. I will warn though, the alpha level is a bit tricky to understand, and can be different from yours since I am only giving the guide based on what I am translating from my point of view. The game also goes in different paths, so you might have some of the characters with "3-2" bars and some with "4 bars. You will understand once the guide is uploaded on our website. The image translations are almost done. We just need to get all of the cbg fixed correctly. Some of the cbgs that were translated appeared so weird that we had to squash the bug. (I'm kidding, but a few images had to be adjusted so it loads properly in the game.) Scripts however, are progressing slowly. So slow that a Snail can bypass our translation progress Please, if you know some Japanese, enlist so we can get our translations going! (Especially how I get busy too...) With all of that being said, there's ALSO a chance that you can try the game WITH the translated cbg and report to us any weird translations that aren't properly placed. I'll have to get in contact with Makato and check for his approval. I'll see you guys soon with another update! -FuryTomic (P.S. Aoyama's Good Confession Route has been achieved, while I also got Shiina's bad confession route )
  5. This is non-canon, but the Visual Novel has been proven a good alternate storyline if you are an Aoyama and Sorata Shipper. It actually covers certain things we haven't learned about. There's a new main character, and she has been seen in the anime like 3 times, and another main character who is a side character in the Visual Novel. If I remember correctly, you might even see some of the same things that happened in the anime done on an alternate timeline. Like this: Oh wait, that's a spoiler from the game
  6. cute! Anyway, sounds awesome, I would love to TL for you guys, but I think people would kill me if I tried because im horrible at japanese atm I don't know why I didn't get a notification about this and another person's message, but hey, still would be nice for extra help!
  7. Geez! I keep forgetting to update this thread! Well heres some updates (not big, but rather small and quick.) October 12, 2015 The game has been completed (in Japanese) by following an online guide that eventually lead to the ending scene of the game. Translations are still going slow.. We need more translators please! And last but not least... Akasaka's Cross-Dressing Hobby
  8. Hi there. I am wondering if someone has (or can) get the script files for the following game: A Certain Magical and Scientific Ensemble I'm planning to make a fan translation patch (and walkthrough) of this game, while making a Sakurasou No Pet na Kanojo patch. Unfortunatley at this time, I do not have a file script, which will make this a bit difficult, and I am typically busy. If you can get it, or possibly send a link to the scripts, it would be a pleasure (PMing will do.) Regards, -FuryTomic
  9. Well hey, since we're doing Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo VN for now, maybe I can take on some of the script files of Boku wa Tonodachi PSP too
  10. If you are wondering about progress of translations, you can watch me translate the game every 1-3 weeks! (If you stumble across the 1st let's play, I guarantee you DO NOT want to watch my first part.. That was pretty much a horrible failed translation. But hey, I learned my mistakes of being dependent on, "friends who say they know Japanese." ) Here's my recent video of part 4.5 (its basically a 1 in 2 video) up on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpBIwWz5SRs I have also made some changes to the translation page, and added some features maybe some are wanting http://eternalnyaboronofficial.weebly.com/ I'm currently adding a Progress bar for all of the current routes, but I can't work on that due to time and work. We also have a new translator..! (Except I'm still waiting for replies from 2 others...) He will hopefully help us translate other parts we need translated while working on "MAIN" route! This concludes Update #2. --FuryTomic
  11. Ah.. Sorry for any inactivity with this current thread! Everyone is either retired (basically they already finished doing their role.) working in School, College, or Work. This isn't much, but some good news to raise a few spirits who are still checking out our thread We have finally gotten a new translator to help out with the Sakurasou Project! Mitaka here has gotten some translators to continue working while I'm busy cramming with tests ( ̄O ̄ ') (Sorry!) Our September update should come out in the following weeks from now. But I'm certain that it will be more fantastic to read about! ~Help us support through our rough times! -FuryTomic
  12. [update 8-16-15] It seems like my recent August posts and update has been removed, and the thread changed to back to it's original submission... Well anyways, here's the current news and update. The images are already translated and edited. A few images will have to be readjusted after a patch test went through. We need Translators BADLY! 3 of our translators have gone rogue for a while, and not much has been worked on. Please Please if you are, or know anyone who is fluent in Japanese, please help us translate with the scripts!
  13. [uPDATE 7-16-15] The logo of Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo is finished. We are currently deciding which logo we will use. Picture of logo will be published once we have reached a decision. 13 script files for the main storyline are translated. 88 more files to go! We are still in need for a tool that can extract .txg and .txgtl files! If anyone knows one, or has a program that extract and repackage .txg and .txgtl files, it would be appreciated if you can tell us! We also need translators to help translate the other files that haven't been worked on.
  14. Sorry for bumping this page, since it looks inactive for a few days. Does anyone here know a tool that can extract .txg and .txgtl files? Those are image files for Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo on PSP. The staff members are looking for a program/tool that can extract .txg and .tsgtl files so our image editors can start working.
  15. [uPDATE 7-12-15] Tutorial folder for Sakurasou is finished being translated. Right now, We are in need for a tool that can extract .txg and .txgtl files! If anyone knows one, or has a program that extract and repackage .txg and .txgtl files, it would be appreciated if you can tell us! Our Image Editors cannot start any progress unless if we have a tool that can extract the files.
  16. So basically you are saying PSP ISOs can be played on the Vita at a specific firmware? And must be hacked?
  17. Oh. We already have TLCs. I might consider adding that to the sign up list when translations are a quarter finished.
  18. Pardon me, I'm not familiar with the term, "TLC." Is that another word for Hacker? Also, thanks! ^^
  19. You got it! ^^ But the scripts are a bit funny and not ordered so i'm gonna have to check most of the files and see which is which (eg. Aoyama Route, Shiina Route, Chihiro route, Otoha etc.)
  20. Thanks! Glad you like our name! Thank you! Thanks! The Vita can also run the PSP version of Sakurasou. If this idea I have currently about the vita is true, then looks like Vita users have to download (purchase) the PSP ISO file Thanks! I currently have 1 idea in mind about making the Vita run Sakurasou with the patch.. I just need to confirm it with a PSP also.. (In which.. I don't have a PSP..) Thanks mate for both moving the thread here and the luck! Were you the only person working on it at the time?
  21. Like I mentioned, I'm currently researching into finding a solution. After doing a download test on my Vita, and then checking all hidden files on Content Manager to check how the application was exported, it seems to me that it only accepts game folders, not ISO files... But I will keep urs in mind as a final resort and If no solutions are found.
  22. If I remember correctly, I think you use the PSP ISO file to get it working for the Vita. I'm currently researching into it. In the meantime, I'm also trying to run Ziddy's Oreimo Patch on the PS Vita, and I've been asking him to help. So far, he only mentioned about the PS Vita not being able to run dumped ISO files, so I have to use 3rd party software from wololo. I'll reply back when I find a solution. @Shikomizue Thanks! Hope you are looking forward to the final product! @Fiddle Thanks!
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