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  1. Ah.. The thumb rule.. Yea, I'm gonna fix that now. As for the last thing you mentioned, the game originally displays the full name of each character. http://imgur.com/15QSa7Y "神田空太' -> Sorata Kanda (Swapped it to be first name then last name.)
  2. New Translation Video Uploaded: Fatigued Otoha. (Otoha Route) Have any Feedback or curious about something? Feel free to reply to this thread. -FuryTomic
  3. Nice! You got 17% left of translations to work on now! Then the editing part.. Good luck with that!
  4. It gained quite a popularity among people who were interested for an EN patch. So of course people would still be talking about it.. While some others hope to continue off the project even though it is dead.
  5. May 23 - May 29 Weekly Update WEBSITE: Misaki's Good Route has been Published. (Please note this is not a confession route) http://eternalnyaboronofficial.weebly.com/guides.html PATCH: The Image Patch is still being Fixed. Some translations need to be adjusted to fit and scaled. TRANSLATIONS: The following Video(s) will most likely be posted sometime this weekend (or earlier.. Depending if I can get some priorities set with finals coming up next week) Otoha Event Scene* Jin Event Scene* *Side Events that occur. Video Duration may vary for trans
  6. The biggest convention until July's Anime Expo huh.. Interesting. Probably gonna follow up with the Visual Novel announcements and see what might be in store for us. Hoping to see some eye catching visual novels that has a good story line, and maybe a different kind of genre we aren't used to seeing everyday.
  7. Ah yes Haganai.. The unfinished project Makato and his team used to work on.. I'll DM you at some point or merge in with the old thread that's floating off somewhere. I guess I'll mention this (I think I already did but I will anyways), since some others might stumble across this post again in the future and ask about Haganai. Based on the project Folder I received/shared from Makato, there's a total of 300+ script files all in '.txt' format. Each script files contain a hefty length of 150-200+ lines. The length of the project will definitely exceed 1 year, and 6 months minimum,
  8. Meanwhile I'm salty as a tasty fudge stick dropped in a pile of sand trying to clear E5. With the addition of trying to get good drops from E2 (Akizuki + Teruzuki) on Node F. All S ranks with no signs of either one. Pls drop to me ;-;
  9. Quite interesting! That's pretty fast with translations I must say. Keep up the good work!
  10. Alright. Will give that a shot! Wait, so you have Oyashio already??
  11. Well, I wouldn't. That's just me personally haha I get newsletters from Wargaming for WoT and WoWS. If I added in a SEA, I'd probably first think "wait, is this SEA or NA?" In addition, I tend to use my other email address to reply with others who don't reside in the US. The other email is technically like a foreign language use account. Cruisers just have that one huge disadvantage I hate about: Easy to be Citadel shot.
  12. How far is everyone in the Spring Event? Managed to reach E5 somehow, but that's the only node I'm having difficulty so far. Any good Suggested Compositions for E5 attacking the boss? (Also, my LBAS is set from suggestions I got, so nothing to worry there.)
  13. Sure, I don't mind. However, my username on NA server is actually different from the Fuwanovel Username. "FuryTomic41." well, you would have to sign up with a new account (you can use your same Email, but I wouldn't recommend that) for a different region. Your Username can still be the same, as it is registered in another server that is different. Also, Wargaming's Headquarters is stationed in Russia, so EU gets all of the goodies first before other regions. Destroyers are fun to play in, (Usually rack up some kills) but the drawback is torpedo reload time, armor, and HP l
  14. May 16 - 22 Weekly Update: We have resumed Translations today, with our next goal milestone to be 50%! We do not have an estimated date on when the milestone will be achieved, but for all what we know, it will take a while. We have encountered some typos and errors in some of our images. At the moment, those images are being fixed and edited. A "test" (or alpha) patch will be on hold for some time. Thanks to a user (I'm not sure if she has an account here) Violet Valancia, she messaged me a guide on achieving Shiina's confession route. If you are interested to get Shiina's conf
  15. Played since CBT (Closed Beta Testing) Fairly fun in many aspects. (I don't regret going into CBT with Yuubari purchased haha) You can register for any server/region to be quite honest. It just depends on your preference of choice. I have both an NA account (Pretty much my main account since CBT) and my SEA account (Created this account recently to play with friends who reside in SEA regions)* The difference I can see from these two is that the NA region tends to focus more on different events and rewards, while SEA has different events (mostly ARP Collab Events from what I rem
  16. It's been about 5 months since we were last doing translations.. Now we are back and ready to continue working! This time however, with some new changes and plans in effect. We have learned lesson with some foolish, unacceptable mistakes that were made. Now, we are going to work at our own pace to complete translations, and not aim for weekly deadlines. In addition, we will have a few additional staff members to both help monitor our work, and proof read translated scripts. More detailed information posted below: -[UPDATE 5-14-16]- TRANSLATIONS: We are resuming translations
  17. This seems quite interesting. How long would you say on average it will take to play through the visual novel? I'm looking forward to see a finalized patch of this! ^^
  18. I was informed a while back that they were having some issues of having the game being released. You could check on the XSEED Fourms for more information they posted.
  19. Indeed. That's what we are doing right now at the moment. A complete retranslation of ALL the scripts that were translated, with fluent Japanese speakers that offered to spend some time helping us. Though I am surprised all of this feedback just started coming through to us yesterday. But hey, it's better for us to be well aware of this than having a complete gibberish patch that means nothing. Thank you to all who pointed out the errors. I'm probably going to ask a mod to place this thread in the archive section for a while.
  20. We've had some former translators that were fluent, and they impressed all of our staff members. I have no idea what happened, but they went rogue a few weeks later after joining. :/ I'm pretty sure you saw our announcement of postponing the project, so that all of us can back to edit, and retranslate all of the script files we have done so far, with the help of people that volunteered to spend some time to get everything back in order.
  21. I will hereby state that this project will be temporarily postponed for some time. I guess you can consider that we are going rogue, but we will be adjusting staff members right now. In the meantime, every single staff member and I will remove all of the scripts, and cross check with some fluent translators. It will take a while, but it's our only best bet for now. We apologize in advance if this will dissapoint anyone about our decision. Regards, -FuryTomic, and the Eternal Nyaboron Team
  22. Alright. I see... Seems like we can chuck this project down the drain if that's all what we are doing wrong.
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