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  1. I am a Boston America dweller. I wonder if there are many near me.
  2. Majikoi for days

  3. 7/10 reminds me a lot of the sigs I used to see on another forum.
  4. I have indeed! Rewrite has to be my favorite. Air and Clannad were too sad for me. Rewrite was pretty sad too. ANGEL BEATS I KNOW WILL BE SAD BUT I WILL MAKE THAT HAPPEN TOO!
  5. Maybe if I was in love at this point in time I may be emotionally inclined to choose wife, but since I am void of such things in my current state of mind I chose myself.
  6. I always like having names based in other languages Kaia means pure or clear in Greek I am told. I also use Seigi for justice.
  7. I used to play for years, I would play again, if it went back to like a year after Runescape 2 came out. I used to look for private servers, I'd play if anyone else wanted to join.
  8. It was pretty badly done, but it is understandable especially when listening to the voices, if you are vaguely familiar with the Japanese language. If you have no other option, I would highly recommend it, solely for the purpose of getting someone else to read such a wonderful VN such as Flyable Heart and Kimi no Nagori wa Shizuka ni Yurete.
  9. I have to agree with the suggestion of Brass Restoration. It has most of all that you requested and is very well done in my opinion. It may seem bland at first glance, but i highly recommend it.
  10. I hate my random bouts of paranoia. Scary poop that gets me into trouble emotionally. >.>
  11. I agree! You should read the sequels too, I LOVED THEM. I'm still reeling from finishing all of it. xD All of the Grisia novels are really well done.
  12. @Madvanced That is exactly what I am trying to bring out of myself by being here on this forum. I hope being around all these like-minded people will bring about a great urge and need to improve myself and help give me direction. @Zalor I would like to say that Mai was my favorite route, though her ending confused the hell out of me. To this day I still do not fully understand it and I have done multiple playthroughs of the game.
  13. @Madvanced Hardest thing Japanese wise is probably Dracu riot or Grisia no Meikyuu. my listening and conversation skills are good. my reading and writing is what I need a lot of work on.
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