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Ugh. Still more roadblocks. Need to get an as-yet unknown password from Nay in order to get this sucker changed. For now, please enjoy the mess of a forums we've got, and dream of the forums we will probably never one day have.

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  1. Hey guys, and thank you all for supporting Cerulean Days' Kickstarter thus far! This a short update to let you know that there's now only roughly 48 hours left of the Kickstarter campaign – now's the time to strike if you're interested in any of our Kickstarter-exclusive rewards. After the campaign has been finished, the majority of rewards will not be available again. The 18+ stretch goal is not yet reached, so please check out the campaign if you think you'd be interested in helping out towards that! Leaf
  2. Yeah, not sure, maybe because it's considered "modern" or maybe they just don't have the best sense for graphic design. Not that I'm the best at it either – I let Sunako decide everything visual. lol.
  3. Thank you for the kind words and the support! Honestly, these are things that often bother me about EVNs too, so yeah, definitely understand where you're coming from. "Be the change you want to see," or what is it they say? haha.
  4. Click here to be taken to it! Demo download links: Windows --- Mac --- Linux 2016.Inre Island. A seemingly idyllic, modern island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. A constant tranquil breeze along a mild climate, and a well-off society embracing a harmonious way of life. Its citizens often refer to the island as their very own miracle, counting themselves lucky to have been born on it. Tourism is low despite Inre being a highly desired travel destination, and for good reason. Not only is it a trip only the rich can afford, a rigorous regime means a special visa is required for entry. 2018. Over a course of six months, a lethal biological attack claims a significant amount of lives. While tragedy occupies people's minds to the brim, a controlling governmental plan is constructed and put into motion. All to prevent such attacks from ever occurring again. The following years, Inre Island's citizens face unexpected change from their usual ways. On a sombre day – damp, dark, and horrifying – the internet is shut down, leaving the island disconnected from the world around it. 2020 - present. After a long internet-less spring tinged with uncertainty, a new system to replace it with is introduced. A new "internet" along digital setbacks result in major changes to everyday life. Unable to adapt, many find themselves spiritually stuck in a world that no longer exists. Suddenly, the island appears shrouded in mysteries. The closed hearts are many. A select few want a way out. But most want to reset and forget. People who never would've met, meet. People who never would've loved, love. An island that had never known sadness, knows it now. Cerulean Days is set in 2020, and follows two outliers of society – mellow Michael and competent Séverine – as they discover the true effects of 2018. Amidst tragedy of lost friends and family bonds are grown, solace is found, feelings blossom, truth is discovered, and conspiracies are seemingly unraveled. Hearts in need of mending await you. Welcome to Inre Island. Séverine - A creative and intelligent girl working as a professional pastry chef in a luxurious mall. Due to strict schooling and an arduous upbringing, she has a habit of setting a high bar for both herself and those around her. She has a bold side to her, but typically only lets it show around people she's comfortable with. Her past is filled with loneliness, but found comfort in chatting with like-minded people online. Due to the changes to Inre Island, and their effects on the social landscape, she is put in a position she's unfamiliar with. And she does not like it. Grace - A kind-hearted and bubbly woman working at Inre City High School. For three years, she was Michael's homeroom teacher. After a tragic personal crisis of Michael's, Grace offers him all the support a grieving one could wish for. Since that day, they've lived in harmony under the same roof. Since that day, they've found solace in each other's company. Since that day, they've been an uncommon "family". Rose - A cheerful full-time streamer meets an internet-less society. Confusion about life ensues. Her online community – her everything – is forever gone. Rose is lost, and knows not how to get out of the pit she has been put in. And her stubbornness makes everything all the more difficult! Will she adapt? Or will she remain stuck, holding onto fragments of her past? Greetings, Fuwanovel! I'm Leaf, and I like to create stories in my favorite medium: visual novels! This is my third project, and it has been titled Cerulean Days. And I come bearing a demo! A great deal of effort has gone into it, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on both the demo and the game as a whole! The download links are at the top of the page, but I'll put them below as well. A Kickstarter campaign is also running currently – please give it a look if you like what you see on this page! Windows --- Mac --- Linux If you have any other thoughts or questions – let me know! - Leaf
  5. Anomie's Kickstarter has soon run its course and we're currently 91% funded! With 48 hours left, the project may very well be a success. If you haven't yet, please check us out. : )
  6. Anomie is now on Steam Greenlight! Please vote for us!
  7. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/toneyemedia/anomie-a-dystopian-visual-novel There we go. Months of hard work. I hope you guys check it out.
  8. Veera is in Germany right now, so once she gets back and has some time to whip up graphics for the Kickstarter page it shouldn't be too long. I already have all the text for it done. Maybe the second or third week in May? I also intentionally left a gap in between this and the Kickstarter so people have a chance to read it and spread the word. As for that heroine, I'll do my best in case the project is a success! Lastly, thanks again for filling out the survey. And I'll keep that offer in mind! Have fun! Glad you're excited about it - I am too.
  9. Cool that you liked it! Feels good to make at least a decent impression on those who feel similarly about many OELVNs as myself. And yeah, those are two of the main issues with the current engine. Definitely migrating the project elsewhere if the Kickstarter is successful. Tough question at this point. Here's an answer, but I won't promise it's a good one: I don't mind writing heroine routes. At this stage I have some ideas for at least one full heroine route on top of the true route. The question is whether or not I'll have the time/money to do so. Depending on how the Kickstarter goes, I may or may not have heroine routes. The true route will definitely be prioritized though. Such a messy answer, but yeah. I want to, though! Another difficult question, haha. You see... she's not your average heroine (as you may have guessed), which complicates things. I'm not sure how much more I should tell you, but I'd love to explore her character further. I see what you're saying, fair point. I figured I'd win some points with certain people with that, so that's basically why it's there. It was fun to write too, hehe. That'd be great - haven't gotten all that many form responses yet. Thanks for everything man.
  10. I appreciate it! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, even if you think it's trash, haha. And it's okay, I just wanted to do my own thing.
  11. Hahaha, awesome! Well, if it is trash, then I'm sure you'll let me know. I do hope you can enjoy it for what it is though. It's about an hour long, I'd say.
  12. Sorry you feel that way. He's quite spot on - I wanted something simple and fitting so not to be a distraction from the actual game elements.