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  1. Looking for Untranslated Utsuge

    Dekinai Watashi ga, Kurikaesu Koikake (Yes I'm going there) Seven Days: Anata to Sugosu Nanokakan Tarareba
  2. Japanese learners motivation Skype group

    this still alive? Another comment says this is dead earlier on.
  3. 707849ee10.jpg

    ohohohoho you think its a joke MC? ohohohoho

  4. ルナ様は女神だ!

  5. Japanese Help Thread

    Japanese has a lot implied meaning in its language, so you really have to clarify that in English. Otherwise just saying yes or no will leave a person hanging.
  6. Akatsuki no Goei Trinity Edition [Recruiting]

    It doesn't help that they don't have irc, a website, nor a staff list, just a random 65% out of nowhere with no sample pictures, or anything.
  7. Being Haruka is suffering.

  8. Akatsuki no Goei Trinity Edition [Recruiting]

    Still alive? There doesn't seem to be any way to track progress or activity, so its pretty worrisome.