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  1. Windows 10 Shiny Days Fullscreen Freeze

    I will post this because it may help someone...maybe. I was unable to play Shiny Days on my system at first, i got the freeze after a few minutes of playing, and playing on full screen was an instant freeze. ( I'm on windows 10) Then i tried this: run Shiny Days, then open your Task Manager. Find SHINYDAYS in the list of processes and right-click "go to details". From this new list, right-click SHINYDAYS.exe and go to "set priority" and change it to Above Normal, and go to "affinity" and uncheck all the CPUs except for one (CPU 0 or CPU 1). This for me fixed the freeze and even the fullscreen bug. I know everyone has their own issues with this game but i figured it can help someone to post this, cya guys, have a nice week-end!
  2. 11 eyes error

    I got some syntax error on the day 9/30 when the group fight Gula, then the game won't progress any longer i'm on windows 10 and of course i'm on japanese locale. Is there any ways to fix this? I have seen online some people having the same error but i can't find any fixes. I really want to fix this i love it so far, thanks.
  3. Comyu Kuroi Ryuu Question

    Thanks a lot KosakiFag for taking time to respond I guess i repeated the same mistakes when doing the common route and was in a loop in benio 's route.
  4. Hello everyone! Im new to the site let me say its awesome. Back to comyu... It seem i am stuck after the benio route I followed the walkthrought on the site but i cant unlock the choice to follow her. Any advice ? thanks. ( is it normal i still have 2 unread parts on the commun route? i am unable to unlock them as well.( Sorry my english is not perfect .