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  1. Hmm so you're looking for something on a more serious note with some comedy there for good measure. Can't recommend anything by key since you didn't like Rewrite. So here is what I came up with: - Steins Gate - Chaos Head - Danganronpa - 999 or Virtue's Last Reward ( played in order if possible ) Do have a few more, but sadly they aren't fully translated ( like Akatsuki No Goei ). Muv Luv is also there, but does not fit into the 2007-present thresh hold.
  2. Kancolle ... so much kancolle . Also League , Guild Wars 2 and I'll probably start Bloodborne soon.
  3. Pretty much love the genre because of Fire Emblem, which may or may not fit into this category. Maybe as a SRPG with a bit of VN style story telling. I kinda love getting into the meta of games so SRPGs kinda hit that spot. Here are some that I have my eyes on for when I get better at Japanese ( pretty much all Eushully stuff ... ) Kami no Rhapsody Soukoku No Arterial (ok this is primarily a card game ... but it's still sorta there right ? RIGHT? ) Ikusa Megami ( Big series ) Seinarukana 2 ( Currentyl being translated by JAST ) These games aren't terribly popular sadly... Other than
  4. Might as well comment here than make another thread. Grisaia is 50 % off on steam this week as part of the usual Monday Sale.
  5. Does Amane's route in Grisaia count ? Not many rocks, but there are mountains... no climbing though
  6. The Vita is basically a VN and JRPG machine. Don't really mind the small screen... They also have the added plus of sometimes being free on Plus.
  7. See ... well the murder scenes are suggestive enough ... but I might not be exactly what you're looking for Hmmm there's also Hotel Dusk ... but I don't know that much about it. Other than that Chaos Head has it's moments. Then there's Subahibi ... but that's just messed up
  8. I got it from Amazon.co.uk some time ago. Price seemed fair.
  9. Zero Escape Series Danganronpa ( I mean that last case in the second game ... HOLY COW )
  10. Sorry I can't hear all the hate over the sakuras I'm clicking But seriously, fuck these games...
  11. Here's a bunch of VNs that have kuuderes in them and pretty good stories: -Clannad -Hoshizora no Memoria -Kono Oozora ni ( debatable )
  12. There's always Amazon JP, Buyee ( no adult items there ), sofmap, mellonbooks and amiami. You can use tenso for the delivery process but keep in mind that more often than not you do pay quite a bit for transportation. Edit - GUH ! Silly me ... forgot Getchu ...
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