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  1. this is fantastic news! we desperately need more Eushully's games translated right now all we get is stupid interface patches and well i want story.
  2. This project looks absolutely fantastic! i really cannot wait to try the newer demo out once it's released
  3. Clover Days Translation Project

    While i really want to play the common route i fell like it would be better to wait for at least 1 route to be translated... though if partials aren't released i may give in.
  4. So with Little busters Ex on the brink of release (or at least i hope so.. it's on 97%) i'm wondering wherever or not i should either 1. play the original game which i'm sure is fantastic or 2. wait and play EX edition. The H scenes don't matter to me and i'm more into the story and well EX has 2 extra routes and i'm curious as to how they end. Thoughts?
  5. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    Going to re-play all the routes then hopefully by then the patch will be out *fingers crossed*
  6. i voted for all of the key stuff ^^ i just hope they release the 18+ versions along with the all age versions as i would love to play both
  7. i honestly cannot wait for the project to be finished! but umm is there any chance of a partial patch being released?
  8. Clover Days Translation Project

    Welcome back! i hope you had a great time away (i am extremely jealous ) and thank's so much for the progression!
  9. Clover Days Translation Project

    You are translating really fast o.O this is awesome!
  10. Baldr Sky

    Honestly i have been waiting to play this VN for a very very long time but sadly i don't think it's going to be translated for a long time =/
  11. Is Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! Worth Reading?

    Totally worth reading! it's one of my favourite VN's to date
  12. Ayakashibito English patch released :)

    Thank you for linking it! downloading it now!