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  1. VNs with English as native language

    Thank you very much for all the help, i didn't expect so many responses I'll take a look to all those webs. I'm sure all your help is gonna help a lot of people not only me Once again thank everybody for the help.
  2. Hello everybody ^^ As a Linux user is really difficult to me (and a lot of people I know from the ubuntu community) applying english patches to the .exe files, so talking with people who have the same problem we took the resolution of playing VNs that are already in english as "Katawa Shoujo" or "My girlfriend is the president", because nobody had problems with them. So if someone could post here some download links of VNs which have english as native language that'd help so much to all the ubuntu erogamer community. Of course, i will link here as the info source ;)/> Thank you very much :D/>
  3. Popup error on Hoshizora no Memoria

    I think the fail is produced because of the file graph_bs.bin, os if somebody that downloaded the game from fuwanovel could play that part to see if any error is produce that'd be great Thanks
  4. Popup error on Hoshizora no Memoria

    Thanks for the link, i'll try. About the Virtual Machine, i think that my PC won't be able to carry a VN on a Virtual Machine, i mean, it's not THAT bad, but it's a bit "worn-out". I'll find out more about the dual boot but in think it's gonna be the same as the virtual machine. Thanks for the support
  5. Popup error on Hoshizora no Memoria

    I actually have downloaded the japanese pack, but i'm not sure if wine is taking it too. However, what does the dual boot consist on?
  6. I recently started hoshizora no memoria with Fuwanovel's tranlation and after starting the game, a bit later after this image the window becomes white and this appears: Are you running your computer with Non-Unicode Japanese? : NO Your Operating System: Ubuntu 12.04 (but running on wine) What did you already try? Running it as admin, with different wine configurations, and configrating the given font and the game font Did you download your game from Fuwanovel?: yep, from the torrent stored on TPB I am playing it over wine, I have it in the last version available. Any kind of help is welcome. Thanks.
  7. Anime/Manga you're ashamed you enjoyed?

    In the category of manga: Muchakucha Daisuki -- It's cute love story between a city guy and a village girl In the category of anime: Yosuga no Sora -- I hand't played the game and i prefered watching the anime, and i have to confess I cried many times with it :/ however i still love it.
  8. Yes, aren't japanese's TV's laws and regulations equal to all producers? So why is it supposed to be restricted the incest in the anime of Oreimo. However i am expecting its releasing in Spain :/
  9. What animes, eroges, or VNs changed your mind or your way to see the world? I think it's more oriented to the ones you played saw when you were younger, because our minds are more moldeable the younger we are. I'd like you to write about why did 'em change you. In my case I can talk about these: Anime: Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo: I personally feel identified with ALL the characters. Eroge/VNs: Katawa Shoujo: I think it's a game that changed the mind of alomost everyone that has played it. It changed my point of view about disabilities and disabled people. [Note to admins: as this post is about manga, anime and VNs i didn't know in which forum must I make this. So feel free to change the location of this post.]
  10. What manga are you currently reading?

    Well, I admit i am a bit overwhelmed because i am not the type of readers who read many mangas at one time, but at this moment i'm reading: Mirai Nikki: 3rd tome Hayate the combat butler: 1st (bought yesterday ^^) I am a Hero: 2nd tome (waiting for the third to go out in Spain) Mucha Kucha Daisuki: just started 3rd tome (i bought the 4 tomes the first time I saw 'em on the shop)
  11. :|

    Welcome! have a good time!
  12. Linux gaming: Wine vs PlayOnLinux

    I asked a friend about PlayOnMac and I found that is almost exact to PlayOnLinux; y prefered Wine beacause is not only oriente to videogames as PlayOnWhatever is. I didn't try the version of Wine for Mac but I'll find out a bit more about it. However what wine (for Linux or Mac) does is so simple that is difficult to make it work without being fully finished. I don't know if you understand what i'm trying to tell you
  13. Welcome, hope you have really good time here
  14. Summer Anime 2013 Season

    I am just waiting for Oreimo's OVAs
  15. Gaming in Linux has been difficult since Windows is the most used OS. There are many ways to play on Linux games made for Windows. The most used are the programs Wine and PlayOnLinux. Here's my personal experience with each one: I started trying PlayOnLinux because it had very good reviews in meny websites, i found it a bit difficult to manage (maybe I'm just dumb) and I finished with the 89% of my computer's hard drive ocuppied by failed copies of GTA: San Andreas TT. This was three years ago. Then I tried the "Old Style" way of running Windows program on Linux: Wine. I first ran Kataw Shoujo and played It perfectly (i had some troubles on cinematics but that's because my computer is burned lol) from then ownwards i always played eroge and VNs running on Wine without any problem and also it's very very simple to use and manage. Obviously a Linux gamer can also run the games already adapted to Linux OSs but sincerely, after seeking and seeking thorugh the internet i found very disappointing results as little variety or mainly old games (2000-2005). So now is when you, Linux gamers, have to tell your own story and participate on the poll. Thanks. PChedas.