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  1. Whoops, I totally pasted the wrong line... Immediately after, we have Goes from past tense "leaned" to present tense "Now that".
  2. I'd prefer to do that personally, but it'd be better for a TLC to go through and add in all honorifics after most editing is done... I hope someone will volunteer to do that at some point, though it will be a lot of work. Searching through the scripts for the common honorific kanji may speed it up? Another topic: What's with the tense in this text? I've been getting a bad feeling about some random tense changes throughout the text, but I just found a line with a tense change half way through. Ugh. I hate these, always hard to know which is correct, but be sure to keep on the l
  3. Hi all editors! Just a few things to take note of: American English. Replace senior with senpai. The \n's you see scattered around stand for newlines - i.e., a textual representation of the enter button. Make sure they exist in your edited lines at approximately the same position as the unedited lines, otherwise the edited line may overflow out of the textbox ingame. It can all be fixed, of course, but it's just more work. Be sure to maintain single quotes in spoken lines.
  4. I know it was only a matter of time, but I'm very glad to hear about this. I'm a native English speaker, and I'd love to help edit scripts. Lots of stuff to fix, so need lots of editors, right? I'm looking forward to playing the actual full version of this game in English - not this bastardised version.
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