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    batto96 reacted to RedJacK in Dracu-Riot! - Miu Route Translation Project (based on VNR Community Translations)   
    Hello there,

    This is a project to add translations to the Miu-path of Dracu-Riot! For translations i am using Visual Novel Reader Community Translations (when they are available) and if they are not then i use kelvincomes translations. I do not speak Japanese so i cannot proof read the texts when i am transferring them to the game patch. I cannot comment on the quality of the translations, even though VNR-community translations are up to bar in my opinion.

    And for further clarification, i am not translating anything, just transferring already translated text to the game. Only reason when i check GTranslate for the translation is when the sources where i get my translations do not match or there is multiple translations . That is why i need to use GTranslate to get the context out of it (sometimes it helps, sometimes i know the context because i am "playing" the game at the same time). After that i can make a better call on which translation to use in the situation.

    If someone spots errors in translation and wants to sacrifice their time to help me to correct them just send me a pm/email where you include the piece of translation which is wrong and the proposed fix for it (and if you are feeling really frisky, some explanation why).
    And if you have too much free time and nothing better to do, i can send the whole chapters for you to read and modify. You do not necessary even need to speak Japanese, if you speak English as a native speaker you can help with the sentence structure etc..
    Lastly, if the game starts to crash when using my patch or something in those lines, send me the error and as much information that you can get.


    kelvincomes wordpress https://miuquickscripts.wordpress.com/
    For version control, going to name the patches with the latest chapter that has been included.
    Ie. Patch3_54 -> chapter 5.4 has been included in the patch.

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    batto96 got a reaction from Twilight Emperor in Dracu-Riot! - Miu Route Translation Project (based on VNR Community Translations)   
    Redjack are you still making the patch? some days ago i saw a new patch but when i checked again it was gone. Thank you for your work.
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