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    Veshurik reacted to Ningen in eroge sales 2016/10   
    The blog linked as source usually posts them every month.
    Check Here
    The blogger takes the rankings from the Tech Gian magazine.
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    Veshurik reacted to voidpointer in Tayutama 2 -You're the Only One- on Steam   
    When a company starts to respond emotionally to feedback like that, run for the hills. A truly professional business (and part of being professional is caring about your target market) would heed any feedback and respond to it in a positive and constructive way. This company seems to admit no fault and instead accuses the customers of having incorrect opinions.
    If they truly cared about making money, they'd establish a trust relationship with their customer base. This sets up for long-term success of their business because people will have more confidence in future work they do. Everything I'm reading so far screams short-term. They want money from this title now, without regards to quality. Decay found some pretty ridiculous programming bugs, as well as provided them clear examples of their bad translations on Twitter in response to the above letter. All of these problems are inexcusable and unacceptable.
    First the translation for Libre of the Vampire Princess is crap, then MoeNovel butchers another VN I wanted to play, and now this. I hope I'm just getting unlucky regarding TLs of important items on my wishlist and we're not headed towards some sort of VN apocalypse... 
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    Veshurik reacted to Xeviax in Sol Press announces 'Newton and the Apple Tree'   

    We try to be as open as possible. If you ever have questions just let us know. There are obviously some things we're not allowed to talk about (and some things we want to reveal at a certain time), but in general, our goal is to be pretty open.
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    Veshurik reacted to Clephas in Anime Expo 2017 VN License Announcements   
      Magical Marriage Lunatics   Decent fantasy charage, but no better than decent.  Typical of Moonstone.
    The Most Forbidden Love in the World  While this game counts as a classic, I can guarantee it is going to cause trouble, considering that it openly states in-game that Mitoko is underage. 
    Nanairo Reincarnation A kamige and a great choice in general... though I'm curious how they plan to deal with the plays on kanji and the uniquely Japanese concepts.
    Senren * Banka  One of the better games from YuzuSoft...
    Dracu-riot... do I need to say anything more at this point?  I posted about it when it first came out, but I don't have the energy to dig that post out of the graveyard right now, lol.
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    Veshurik reacted to Shioxus in Anime Expo 2017 VN License Announcements   
    I've been extremely interested in that title as well. From the way it looks, I wouldn't be surprised if we see almost all of Moonstone's VNs from Imouto Paradise onward (except maybe Eroge Bu which I don't really care about anyways) kind of seems like they are just working down the list at this point with the order of releases.
    I don't think i would mind too much if they skipped Demon Busters (though the pervert in me says otherwise) and announced Natsu Nostalgia some time next year as the next Moonstone release. In an ideal world they would skip Ojou-sama and go straight to Sakura no Mori Dreamers after that. I imagine they most likely won't skip Ojou-sama though...
    I could be way off base with that announcement order of course
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    Veshurik got a reaction from Vorathiel in Anime Expo 2017 VN License Announcements   
    I'm so dissapointed, I really was expected for Sakuranomori Dreamers... Ugh... I think that I need to make my expectations lower...
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    Veshurik reacted to TexasDice in D.S. Dal Segno (Now Available)   

    A N G E R Y 
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    Veshurik reacted to novurdim in Anime Expo 2017 VN License Announcements   
    Really disappointed at MG's choice of a Moonstone game and, ugh, Space Live looks like something straight out of Sakura series. But on the other hand Evenicle and Damekoi are both really great and much anticipated announcements so I'd say MG easily beat their last year's AX licenses.
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    Veshurik got a reaction from Canicheslayer in MangaGamer commits to free uncensor patches for Steam releases   
    Oh, that's so life... I can buy only in Steam, because regional prices. And now I'm so happy with free 18+ patches on Steam. Would be great to get that for Princess Evangile. 
    By the way, Dal Segno will possibly sell in Russian region for 600 rubles (~10 dollars). That's so great!
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    Veshurik got a reaction from Fiddle in Golden Marriage TL Project(Planning)   
    I think that better to TL Koi no Canvas, because it counts like the best Ensemble's project. But anyway, other game is good. Hope that something will good.
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    Veshurik reacted to Kurisu-Chan in MangaGamer commits to free uncensor patches for Steam releases   
    As my russian friend said : i've yet to see someone outsmart a bullet.  
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    Veshurik got a reaction from absolutedeath in Help with hacking Hoshi Koi*Twinkle   
    Unfortunately, files are encrypted. I don't know how to decrypt them ;(
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    Veshurik reacted to XReaper in Characters or story - Whats more important?   
    i take the stance of a modern western vn-customer & say pretty visuals are the most important here, rest doesnt matter at all, if it happens to be blessed with a good story too, then so be it, otherwise its okay and i wont be disappointed :/
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    Veshurik reacted to Clephas in What's your favorite visual novels company   
    It was Propeller... but now it is Light, because Propeller hasn't produced anything decent since Tokyo Babel... and its main writer is retired.  My current top five companies are listed below.  Eushully got knocked off because they haven't produced a masterpiece since Madou Koukaku (story-wise)
    1.  Light
    2.  Akatsuki Works
    3.  Caramel Box (Setting aside the art-style, which some art-bigots have trouble with, they produce excellent games)
    4.  Purple Software (high percentage of highest tier games since Mirai Nostalgia)
    5.  AXL (because their stuff is always worth reading)
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    Veshurik reacted to ChaosRaven in Are leading companies like Nitroplus and Typemoon affected by the decline in the JP VN industry?   
    I think that's a bit of an exaggeration. The top main stream brands like Yuzusoft, August, Clochette or Navel still seam to be able to sell about ~40.000 copies initial sales. There were several posts with concrete sales data over the last 1 - 2 years that confirm that.
    But what's certainly true is that the market is more 'tight', at least in the mainstream moege market. There's a lot more competition today than let's say a dekade ago. So if you're not one of the established top brands or have something special to offer, then there's certainly the risk to fall through and just end up with a few thousand copies sold or less. Overdrive is probably one of the most prominent examples of recent times. Apparently they'll release one more title and then close down.
    There's much less competition on the market for story VN's and that's probably the main reason why the small group of Nitroplus, Light and Innocent Grey still seem to do well. I wouldn't take that as a given though, since Propeller, who were certainly one of the most established story brands a few years ago, are dead now. And newcomers don't have an easy life like Novectacle can surely confirm. Fata morgana no Yakata is a highly praised story title, but apparently didn't sell well, at least at first. I think they recovered since. But there's a reason why most newcomers target the mainstream market. The breadcrumps there are still much fatter than in the niche section. lol
    What I've learned from the various post with concrete sales data:
    ~40.000 initial copies sold => Fantastic (Yuzusoft, August, Clochette, Navel)
    ~20.000 initial copies sold => Very good (Purple Software, Eushully, AliceSoft)
    ~10.000 initial copies sold => Good (Circus, Ensemble, Moonstone, Minori)
    ~5.000 initial copies sold => Average (Lump of Sugar, Whirlpool, AXL)
    Depending on how individual titles performed some developers might place higher or lower, but I think the examples aren't too far off from the truth.
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    Veshurik reacted to Nosebleed in What are your thoughts on Sekai and other companies buying up fan translations   

    This won't "kill" fan translations so long as Japan keeps releasing games exclusively in Japanese, that's just a fact. Even anime still has fansub groups despite being much more widely available nowadays.
    You have to understand most fan translators translate a game because they like it and want to share it with other people. If a company comes along that has the proper channels to make that game legally available in the Western market, there's very little reason not to accept such an offer. 
    Complaints are usually from people that have only pirated games before and are salty about having to pay money now.
    Of course there are valid criticisms to be made in the actual localization processes for each game, namely the fact a lot of erotic content is being left behind in favor of all ages releases, but the concept of a company buying a fan translation isn't really destroying the world as we know it.
    Also fan groups asking for donations are 10 times shadier than ChuSinGura's Kickstarter project.
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    Veshurik reacted to Cloud87 in How to not be embarassed of buying & owning these games:physcial copies   
    Thanks for sharing your extra tips,advice & thanks for sharing your experiences with me & thanks for understanding what i mean when I've thought of asking you all too as well :).
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    Veshurik got a reaction from Cloud87 in How to not be embarassed of buying & owning these games:physcial copies   
    Em... I just playing VNs and other people usually don't say what I'm doing. Just "meh, what the..." - and that's all. I continue to enjoy it, and nothing happens.
    If you want to know about, how I deal with 18+ scenes, I usually read them, when nobody at home, for example.
    And yeah, I have some 18+ content as physical edition, but I keep it in safe place and don't show anyone. It's only my treasure, hah.
    So... I don't have that problem.
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    Veshurik got a reaction from Novel21 in Tayutama 2 -You're the Only One- on Steam   

    So... Yeah. 
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    Veshurik got a reaction from Narcosis in Tayutama 2 -You're the Only One- on Steam   
    Wah, Lump of Sugar goes to Steam... But without English. Yet. 
    Only Japanese and Chinese. I don't know how they can Greenlit with it, but okay. 
    Release at 9th of December already.

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    Veshurik reacted to Zenophilious in Moenovel teases localization of a new title   
    Uh, no, it really doesn't.  It reads like crap if you can understand English well enough to see when a sentence is clunky.  Going off of the description of the game's Steam page (since I refuse to buy it), the English looks pretty terrible.  Want me to point out a few choice mistakes?
    By the way, I'm not an English major.  I've taken beginning English classes in college, which are mandatory for everyone, and high school English classes before that.  I haven't taken any advanced English classes and I don't write that much in my spare time.
    "Training" would be a better word choice to go along with "apprentice", but it's passable.  Not much wrong with this sentence, honestly, other than that it lacks detail.  It would have been nice if they described Adonis is some form, instead of just plopping him into our laps as (presumably) a male that wants to be a dragon tamer.
    Without even noting the lack of a "the" before "forest", this sentence is pretty crappy.  A sentence that would read much better would be something like, "One day, while training alone in the forest, he meets a dragon girl named Mint.".  While simply stating the dragon girl's name directly after describing what she is works for basic comprehension, it's extremely sloppy.  If they really didn't want to use "named", they should have done something like "...meets a dragon girl, Mint, while he...".  Overall, not a terrible sentence, but it's not good for readability, and the "trains alone in forest" makes it sound like it was written by someone that has a poor grasp on English.  Surprise, surprise.
    I'd personally use past tense for this whole description, as present is kind of odd for this, IMO, but it's not really that big of a deal and is more about my writing style.
    This literally makes no sense.  Never having a girlfriend wouldn't prevent someone from calling them daddy.  It's not normal in everyday life to just call people "daddy", but the second half of this sentence doesn't mention this, does it?   Furthermore, "girlfriend" is the word they were looking for, as "girl friend" is one of the ways people will use to prevent people from thinking that they're in a relationship when they're really just friends with a girl.  To someone that's fluent in English, this could be taken to mean that he's never had a single friend that was female, and as such, is a poorly constructed sentence.
    Is it implying that since he's never had a girlfriend, he's never had a chance to reproduce, and that's why being called "daddy" is weird?  I don't know, because the sentence doesn't really say that.  If the reader has to go out of their way to figure out the meaning of a sentence, then you've done a pretty bad job at writing.
    "He EXPLAINS her...".  Dafuq?  You can't explain someone.  You explain things to people.  Let's give them the benefit of the doubt here and just assume that they forgot to add in a "to", and not that they're incompetent and don't understand how to properly use "explain".
    Missing comma between "but" and "mistake".  Some comma placements are optional, but this one is not.  It's basic sentence structure.
    Ugh.  This sentence is the worst one so far.  Get ready for a quite a few complaints.
    "In confusion" is a pretty bad way to start a sentence.  It's typically used for short moments where the subject is confused, not long periods of time.  It makes it sound like he's confused and just wanders over to Dannan's house while having no idea what's happening or why he's there.  A more typical usage of "in confusion" would be "In the confusion, Bob ran into Lisa and dropped his candy bar."  Not technically incorrect, as far as I can tell, but it sounds pretty stupid.  Also, there's yet another missing "to".  I'm sensing a pattern here.
    "...what he is confessed there..."  What the actual hell?!  Where's the person confessing to him?  You need someone doing the confessing to have the subject hear a confession.  It's also the wrong word to use there, and no, synonyms can't all be used interchangeably.  "Confession" has a negative connotation, usually one of guilt from doing something wrong.  You'd "confess" to the cops when they catch you, you'd "confess" to having cheated on your wife, or your parents would "confess" that you were adopted.  You wouldn't "confess" to the main character that a girl is destined to be trained by the main character, especially when the girl has only just appeared and the person (Dannan?  I don't know, it doesn't say.  His name has now also been spelled "Danan" and "Dannan".  Pick one, for God's sake.) wasn't specifically intending to deceive him.  Something like "learns" or "discovers" makes the sentence a little less stupid.  Hell, even "told" makes much more sense the way the sentence is written.
    "...is the fact that Mint is the girl who destines him as a dragon tamer."  Ummm...is she destined to him as a dragon trainer, for him to train?  If so, that would be yet another missing "to".  Am I to assume that her mere existence shapes his destiny, or does she read his tea leaves to tell him his destiny or some other bullshit?  I thought he was already training to be a dragon trainer.  This raises so many questions that I really don't care about.
    "Memory loss dragon girl"?  WTF is this garbage?  They've already given Mint a name, so why shouldn't they use it earlier in the sentence, where it would make the most sense?  Is this really a good way to refer to a character, by summing up all of their attributes?  I guess I can now walk up to my friend and say, "Hey, tall brown-haired college man!", and he'd look up, knowing that I was talking to him, and not think my choice of words was weird in any way.
    "Makes a contract with" or "agrees to be the partner of" would both be better choices here, without completely re-writing the beginning part of the sentence.  "Contract" is a very formal word, usually for legally binding agreements.  It doesn't really fit in this sentence all that well.  Did they draw up a contract and have both parties sign, or something?  Because that's kind of what it sounds like.  Is Adonis being employed by Mint to help rediscover her memory?  That would be quite odd.
    "...and they begin their journey to see around the world in order to find out Mint's lost memory."  Replace "see" with "travel", it's a terrible word choice unless they're just visually searching the world without leaving a set place.  "Rediscover" would be a more apt word than "find out".  Trying to "find out" someone's lost memory sounds hilariously stupid, and isn't something most people would choose to say if they had a decent vocabulary.

    So, yeah, it's quite shitty.  I'm sure an English teacher or major could rip even more holes in that tiny description than I did.  Also, notice how the official screenshots only have extremely simple sentences that consist of only a couple of words.  It's almost like they're trying to hide that they're unable to string together longer sentences without them sounding like broken English.  Who'da thunk it    This whole description reads like it was written by someone that is learning English as a second language, and is mostly relying on dictionaries and spell-check to make sure what they're saying makes any sense at all.  I wouldn't even read it if it was free, which it isn't.
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    Veshurik reacted to Dergonu in "Re: Sharin no Kuni Project" Kickstarter preview page is up   
    How about people vote for whatever trash they want to, be it a trashy port or extra trashy scenes.  
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    Veshurik reacted to Decay in "Re: Sharin no Kuni Project" Kickstarter preview page is up   
    From what I've seen, they've put in a huge amount of work into this Kickstarter assembling some pretty great looking tiers. That's on top of the fact that they're taking the effort to retranslate most or all of the game in order to make sure it's as high quality as possible. That's not what I would characterize as "the minimum amount of effort," and I'm not sure the lack of mosaics contribute much to that. 
    Honestly, I see no reason not to be really optimistic about this project, yet here you are shitting on them while providing no real explanation. And you call me jaded, lol. Maybe it would help if you explained why you think it's bullshit.
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    Veshurik reacted to Dergonu in Himawari to Koi no Kioku by MORE on Steam Greenlight   
    Holy crap, the art in this is stunning... I feel like a scrub not having known of this game before. Adds to backlog.
    Anyways, I hope whoever TLed the summary isn't the one who TLs the game, cuz... if so, RIP western readers.