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  1. So, Moonstone aka Frontwing confirmed (proof). And I leave a screenshot here.
  2. So, Sekai Project said that they will announce something about 18+ version of Maitetsu, Wagahigh and other titles on AX. What's about that?
  3. oh my, Saga Planets? Is it a joke, what the... What do they trying to say with this bingo? "Let's take a ticket and see what we get", ahaha.
  4. They just want to beat Winged Cloud? Hah, good luck...
  5. I think that it's in-house translation... Or something else? Because Mangagamer says that they don't have plans for "Love Sweets" and they busy with ImoPara 2 and W Happiness. So strange situation. Maybe, developers inspired by Frontwing?
  6. Hm, Mangagamer said on Anime Central, that they had really good partnership with Moonstone. But they don't want to pick up other title at the moment. They should translate at first WHappiness and ImoPara 2. "If we will write and ask for pick up other title, we can destroy everything"... Or how did they say? Something like that. So, they don't have any reason to pick up this title. So strange... Also, Moonstone never tweeted about such things in their Twitter. Even if it's a new part as a in-house translation team... Hm. I usually see their openings and... "Did why dead gone? Wh
  7. I'm so disappointed. SP announced what? I really don't know anything about those companies. Mangagamer... 4 physical editions of 6 announces is... kh. My feelings... I wanted Chuable... Why?
  8. Oh my... It makes sense now... Because Winged Cloud is new partner for them now. Ahaha... Oh my... Of course, I didn't seriously. But if... Brr, no, no way.
  9. Hm... Don't understand why Mangagamer think that "hardcopy" can be 1 slot in announce. And "CD Dramas" too. I just expecting for new visual novels, not physical edition or something. Very interesting, what the 2 new partners from Sekai. Hm... Don't want to overhype, but... Maybe, this is titles that had anime adaptation? Shokomeza, for example... Or Noraneko, it has anime adaptation too... Han, I don't know, don't want to guess. Will wait tomorrow.
  10. Hm, SP will live stream their panel. Interesting, will they announce something? It would be cool. Btw, Mangagamer has only 1 new partner, so... I can only imagine. But I don't expect too much.
  11. 18+ patch is great, of course, and... I think that Frontwing becomes one else publisher with SP and MG (but as a developer of their own games)? And they trying to do all stuff by themselves. Interesting, will be some presents or cool merchandise of their titles?.. Also I wait "Island" on English, if they will release it, of course.
  12. Hm... "We divide the game into three pieces, launch the crowdfunding company (let players pay for the development), and then they will pay three times for one game". Savvy!
  13. I asked them about that. Yes, they will release uncensored 18+ version with H-animated scenes! So, I should be ready for this.
  14. Hm... The statement of Sekai Project about 18+ version is rightly. I really want to believe them. Because I understand that all those "conversations" for allowing uncensored 18+ for Western market is complicated. But... Why the Mangagamer goes so well with it? They always release uncensored 18+ releases and... and nothing happens. It's all OK, players feel great, publishers feel great, pure happiness etc. But the Sekai has... really deeper issues. Against the background of Mangagamer it seems really strange. Maybe, they don't want spoil his clean reputation? Something like a "c
  15. Supernatural nukige, hm, sounds interesting. Grimoire is a old book of magic, yes? So, the name of this game means... Ehem... I think, that Japanese choose random names for their titles. And they usually don't make sense (for example, Hanikami Clover; I didn't find any clover in this game).
  16. Eh... This guy wasted 100$ to trying release a novel without permission of developers. Great!
  17. 5 languages? Oh... English, hm... Italian, French, Spanish, Russian?
  18. Wow, Sonya. Hope that sequel will be also release in English. But I don't know what happens with fan-TL of first part.
  19. And I can't get the music from this game By the way, can't even play. Can't run the setup.exe (it is impossible to download the application).
  20. Sorry I can't find information about converting TLG to PNG files...
  21. What's wrong with art? It's great. (Maybe I say it because I don't live in Japan, don't know Japanese and other, and other, and other).
  22. Anyone knows how to decrypt .rld files in MangaGamer version?
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