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  1. Thank you all for the help. I assumed that my drivers were up to date because the automatic scans that I did stated that it could not find any recent versions. I looked around for about a quarter of an hour and found a more updated graphics driver for my Dell Dimension. Works like a charm, so if people have an issue with this while having a model similar to mine, here is the link for the drivers I used: http://www.dell.com/support/drivers/us/en/19/DriverDetails/Product/dimension-4700?driverId=R126541&osCode=WW1&fileId=2731114385&languageCode=en&categoryId=VI Of course, I
  2. (Content Deleted by Tay on 6/29/13 by request of Magnetostorm) I've added information from dxdiag if that helps.
  3. My Directx and video/audio codecs are up to date. I have tried the link that Sparkker put up, but that gave me the same pop-up. I can't read Japanese, so I probably wouldn't be able to fix my computer if I tinkered too much with the language options and made a mistake. I am quite unsure why I am getting this error, as I have run different visual novels without problems before.
  4. My files are not locked in read-only mode, and I am quite sure that the files were installed correctly. The locale for non unicode is in Japanese, so I am not quite sure what else I should do.
  5. Are you running your computer with Non-Unicode Japanese?: Yes Game: Rewrite Description of Problem: Receiving error like the one the problem described in this post on this website: http://erogegames.com/eroge-visual-novels/eroge-tech-support/2549-cant-play-rewrite-4/#post49564 (Forum from source post did not elaborate upon how the problem was solved) Your Operating System: 32 bit Windows Xp Home Edition What did you already try?: Originally tried from Fuwanovel, currently trying this one http://www.vn-meido.com/k1/index.php?topic=1233.0 Have done uninstall/reinstall for bo
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