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    Lots of things really, most notably Touhou, DotA(2), Monster Hunter and VNs.

    Also have an interest in counselling - hope to become a counselor one day!
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  1. Yeah, the two boys could be removed from the movie entirely and it honestly wouldn't have made much of a difference. They were just...there. I take these kind of movies with a grain of salt though, and just go in not expecting much.
  2. Behold my sharq rawr! Raawwwwr~

  3. I find that the definition of a VN and an eroge varies from person to person, so I feel like it's more of an opinion than anything else. Personally I mark the difference between a VN and eroge as a simple question: if the sex scenes were to be removed from the game / story, will it actually affect enjoyment in any of said game / story in any way? Most of the good VNs I've read can be read through without the sex scenes, and it would not reduce the enjoyment of reading said VN in any way whatsoever. If anything, having sex scenes is a nice bonus if one happens to be somewhat horny at the particular time of reading. Can't say I ever was, because I'm usually too gripped by the story that I just roll my eyes at the H scenes and skip them if possible. Eroges, on the other hand, are defined by me as games that cannot survive without the sex scenes. Games like Sengoku Rance and Monster Girl Quest come to mind. Think about it really - without the sex, the plot in these two games really begins to pale in comparison to actual well written stories. However, because of the element of sex, these games become enjoyable in their own right. In the case of MGQ, an average story becomes compelling enough for people to really get into it thanks to the sex. In the end, it comes down to personal opinion. If people choose to be ignorant and write off well written VNs as nothing more than 'garbage hentai games', then it's their loss.
  4. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (It's in Japanese but there's a 100% translation patch. Just gotta Google it.) Gods Eater Burst (A more anime-ish, faster paced Monster Hunter) Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky (Best rpg game I've played on the PSP hands down, the story just easily beats everything else) Corpse Party (For your dose of horror) Yugioh Tag Force 6 (For your dose of CARD GAMES. Translation patch floating around somewhere) Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep That's about all I can remember. Have fun!
  5. I literally went into this game blind with my friend and played like 3 matches with him and the AI, we pretty much trashtalked each other on skype and were laughing like heck at the hilarious rng. If anyone wants to play, add me on steam!
  6. Ah, so there is a DotA thread hiding somewhere in here! If anyone is looking for a game, hit me up here: http://steamcommunity.com/id/IncandescentDarkness/ Preferably SEA server, although I don't mind the occasional game in another server (performance will probably dip depending on how bad the ping is though) Hope no one minds the necro...
  7. Well, like you said, there's a set formula, and it works for a reason. P4 definitely has a much lighter tone compared to P3 though, which I guess makes it somewhat cheesy(?) ...Kay who are we kidding, Yosuke had no reason to challenge you to a 1v1 other than some lame attempt to pull off a "I'M YOUR BRO" move. Heh.
  8. It's just Atlus milking P4 for as much as they can until the fans get sick and tired of it. No point in playing that game, I find. On the bright side, at least they didn't try to pull off a P3 Dancing All Night where you have the P3MC in purgatory dancing and stuff. I'm only hyped for P5, and really hope they do a port to Vita ASAP...
  9. Actually saw a couple of people on Youtube playing this. Seems pretty nice, but I heard the difficulty quickly escalates out of control after mid game, resulting in one crazy heck of a difficulty spike. On topic: DotA 2.
  10. 9/10 Gives off a China fighter vibe...heh.
  11. Confession: I like round, huggable things, and am actually a huge fan of plushies despite being a guy. ...I-it's not like I hug them to sleep at night or anything!
  12. Not sure if anyone noticed, but the movie gave a huge middle finger to JP3, in the form of And the movie was decent - nothing too spectacular outside of that one particular fight at the end. It may not be too well done, but at the very least I found it better than the two movies before it. Can't really stand up to the original though, but that's to be expected I suppose.
  13. Greetings from Singapore, where we have four perfect seasons all year round: hot, very hot, absurdly hot and ludicrously hot! Any other Singaporeans out thar?
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