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  1. Are Kinetic Novels Good or Bad?

    This isn't an argument, just a discussion on KNs (Kinetic Novels). Good or bad is just a conversation starter that everyone can understand, but you have to admit that bad kinetics could most likely be helped with the addition of diverging paths.
  2. Are Kinetic Novels Good or Bad?

    I think the dividing routes coupled with multiple converging storylines, are what sets VNs apart and what makes it unique, Kinetic don't have that uniqueness. I'm not saying their particularly bad, just sub-par to great experiences like Fate/ Stay Night and G-Senjou
  3. Are Kinetic Novels Good or Bad?

    But what about routes? They are the reason I love VNs
  4. Are Kinetic Novels Good or Bad?

    True, but some bad ends are really thought out (ex. Fate/ Stay Night) and give different insights into certain characters. It's normally a sign of a good VN that wasn't rushed in development.
  5. Long VS Short

    Rewrite is one of the longest VNs in existence. Rewrite is currently my favorite VN in existence. If the story is good and the ending is right, it doesn't matter how long it took. With that being said, VNs like "Kamidori Alchemy Meister" (which take a minimum of 72 hours to complete) the story is good but the human brain will inevitably get bored before the routes even start.
  6. Are Kinetic Novels Good or Bad?

    Though you could say, experiencing all of the endings (both bad and good) is you unlocking the full experience. An experience Kinetic and normal books cannot give you.
  7. Are Kinetic Novels Good or Bad?

    I was totally thinking of G-String when I was making this topic, choices in the beginning had little impact but I think the routes and the games as a whole was a masterpiece. Even as a kinetic, if it went through a certain route, the amazing story would've still been their but I feel routes gave it more of a broad sense over the world in that VN....I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much as I did, that's my point.
  8. Are Kinetic Novels Good or Bad?

    I think apples are better, if you have tasted both then you'll have an opinion "I haven't played them, but they sound okay." seems neutral to me, and if you have played them then you should have an opinion
  9. So I was thinking about the novels I've played and noticed that in certain titles, in the beginning of the common route, they give you choices that have little story effect just to give you a sense of fulfillment which some readers like. Of course their are normally big choices later on, if a development team puts time into choices that really no effect in the long run, just to keep the reader interested, why are kinetic novels gaining popularity? You have absolutely no effect on the plot (like you're reading a normal book) so why do so many people pay money for these over-hyped books disguised as games?
  10. What are you playing?

    I just started Comyu, thinking about making a review after i'm done...I only do that when I really like games lol
  11. The impact of H-scenes on Visual Novels

    Alright, H-scenes makes novels more popular. Point, blank, period. If I see two VNs said to be pretty much on the same level, i'm going to go with the one who has H-scenes. On the pure fact that it's just more content there, some H-scenes are integrated into the story and actually play a part to show development of romantic relationships, it's not all bad.
  12. The impact of H-scenes on Visual Novels

    Honestly, people get too butthurt (no pun intended) over Hs, if you don't want to see it than just fast-forward but you don't have to curse everyone who likes to see it and the same goes for vice-versa Y'all need to move on from this H shit, and just enjoy VNs with of all it's beauties and qualms
  13. Best VNs You've Played So Far (2014)

    I'm talking about stuff played this year though if you happen to have played Fate/ Stay Night this year (like I am currently) it's completely fine to say that your best even though it's been out for some time now
  14. Best VNs You've Played So Far (2014)

    Well, You've successfully got me excited/interested in Clover Days and the moment I actually thought it was going to be a great game, I found out that it was untranslated Thank you, how was it?
  15. I would've put best VNs of 2014 but with the fact that old (and good) VNs get late translation I just wanted to know what stellar novels have you played this year partly because i'm looking for recommendations B)