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  1. is the theme about revenge? already read that but thanks thanks, those 2 looks promising. For Natsu no Owari, the protag is narcissis?
  2. I need some recommendations for VN with narcissist protag Example Saika from Tsurioto 2 like how he always proud for having pretty hair and talented, or Kaito from Akatsuki no Goei like how he often mention himself being handsome
  3. someone who can't move on from past, trying to do suicide bomb for revenge in hope to find some peace
  4. need some help with rance 9. any kind soul willing to share save data after this event? it's chapter 4 on floating fortress event. my game always get error for not responding and forced close exactly after Freak's line very appreciate if someone can share save date exactly after that event u.u
  5. I haven't read a lot VN but for now Umineko is what I consider masterpiece
  6. Val still playing regularly? me and Kenshin have a guild together so if you still active with this game please join us :>
  7. hooo congrats ^^ I also want to build dark since I got summer zoey too from free pull xD now have to grind for guild war character for Six <3
  8. Amira is half the reason I play this game. I just love her btw guys lov collab soon https://granblue-wiki.com/index.php/Lord_of_Vermilion_Re:3_Collaboration
  9. yeah this star gacha is guaranteed 1 SSR and usually come once/month. if we want to spend money on this game better spend on this kind of gacha and surprise ticket where we can select the SSR. about guild, we're currently in the mid of guild war so can't leave or join guild. I do want us to have guild together but if it's only 3 of us who play VN then I think I'll stick to my current guild for awhile
  10. congrats dark Zoey is a good char if you plan to main dark. dont forget to read some guide about this game so you can advance smoothly
  11. yeah for granblue coins we need to buy it but if only for premium draws, we can still use crystals
  12. Mary is good. Anyone with slow as skill is good. That's reducing 1 filled ougi bar so good to stall enemy from doing charge attack
  13. yes summer katalina still in the lineup of gacha atm but her rate is kinda low. if you want her, you should draw when her rate is up
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