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  1. I wonder why I always have to fall back onto the sakuradite version. Just why is all that the new version can offer is an online db yet that version is more prone to freezing after closing a game and slowing down (now even crashing)? Heck, RPG Maker (VA Ace) games are a nightmare with this since too much text just likes to result in some Visual Studio "pop-up" which one can luckily move (unless two consecutive appear), crashing VNR if one closes the error and crashing the RPG Maker game upon re-hooking unless it was closed before. Funnily enough Slay the Spire (certainly not a Visual Novel but a rogue-lite deck builder) is also detected, well, kinda since the message about failing to hook will flood the right screen. Honestly I am by the by curious why I can no more play RPG Maker Games (all but MV) in full-screen since the subtitles will flicker extremely (to the point of being unreadable), I did not have that before... I really love VNR for being so user-friendly and still use it so I hope that some programmer can take up the task to separate the gold from the dung i.e polishing VNR somehow. I'd gladly take a "lite" version which disregards all online functionality except for the machine translation (and database for hookcodes) as well as other features that have nothing to to with subtitles (and the ability to move, zoom and do whatever with them, except reading aloud maybe... to put it simple, I just want features gone that result in those messes, possibly adding one where cache is cleaned). Funnily enough, since some much time already I found a Plugin which enables VNR to work with RPG Maker MV games but since some time the newer Wolf RPG Maker games do not work anymore (giving one only a little bit of text, farewell acerola after Claire)
  2. well, maybe we should have included a link to the HF-Thread then to make our intentions clear. My mistake for not really thinking about that and confirming that the sheet links back to the Topic. There we go: http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showthread.php/444734-CM3D2-Text-Translations I'd suppose one better contacts usagirei rather there than here but I actually do not know if fuwanovel allows and does by default send Email notification when PMs arrive and whether usagirei has this enabled. And again I'd like to mention that the sheet only shows about a third if not less of what needs to be translated for 100%. VIP Events are another batch and the training is only voiced and would require a sub-title plugin (luckily the written script is still in the files). Considering that not much Daily Dialogue has been added since release but so much VIP and Night Service/Training, my old figures may be quite off since I also had to leave the team due to inactivity (I really should also get back to updating the CM3D2 Mod List any time soon...) and as novice editor I was not good enough anyway.
  3. To actually have some info on CM3D2 and the current Text TL: Status of the TL can be looked up here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RLicqNyr3VwQNDdySFAoYfCyExpnHjcz22svY0wF524/edit?usp=sharing and it is worth mentioning that this 20k is just one third of the text measured in textboxes, one third is the VN Dialogue, one third are the VIP events which are also in VN format and the last third is currently only spoken and not subtitled while one trains their Maid. As the title undoubtedly makes clear, Custom Maid 3D2 is the 2nd entry (without considering the CM3D Online) of the Custom Maid 3D Series which allows one to Customize a 3D Maid and engage in certain activities. The developer KISS is renown for their Custom Series (like Custom Reido) and other 2D customize your girlfriend and slave games. Released in July 2015 DLC is still released at a steady rate at nearly one per week which mostly include new customization options and new positions but also new text to translate. The Yandere was released in December 2015 and in April 2016 the mother-like Onee-san is set to be released, each new personality adds about 15k units or more considering that also new positions and new VIP events add such as well. The main "sales point" of Custom Maid 3D 2 is the vast number of customization and clothing options in a 3D anime graphic style that competes with high quality 2D CG. There are currently over 125 different positions ranging from vanilla over SM to group and NTR. Being based on the Unity Engine CM3D2 is easily mod-able and has several hundred mods which replicate existing anime characters nearly perfectly, add other customization options or add new features via Plugins. Official Page http://kisskiss.tv/cm3d2/ (Feel free to put this into the OP)
  4. Just a small FYI since you may or may not be able to fix it (probably not I guess because that's literary a part of fantranslations): Windows 10 itself (not my AVG which also likes to throw false positives for VNs) gave me a warning when I tried executing the LILIUM-eng.exe for the first time, I'm glad that (in contrary to Google Chrome, which did not allow me to download the patch for a recent release, MajiKoi S from the very source, not a third party, at all,) I could still choose to execute it regardless. Obviously it may still scare some (newcomers, whether now mentioning it in the notes at least would scare or make them suspicious more, I can't really tell) but in any event: Thank you very much!
  5. So... why did people continue to argue after this post and seemingly ignored simple and plain old logic? Seriously, whether VNs started off as Eroge to establish the medium (since sex sells) or not does not matter at all, the present is what does and it is a fact that it becomes more and more possible for All Ages VN Creators to become financially successful (turning their hobby into a living) since at least a part of the potential readers which acknowledge the medium do not mind if there is no H and even pay for a good or funny story (it does not even need to be Youtube-hyped).
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