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  1. i believe the premise is that you'd put the answer in the spoiler. The spoiler is not meant to be opened.
  2. I could always make this happen, assuming my "local" store has a copy. I dislike going to Akihabara.
  3. 1. Agreed. I use my phone as my alarm. 2. Nope. It's usually on my bookshelf. 3. Agreed. 4. Nope. People actually do this? 5. Nope. 6. Maybe? 7. Nope. 8. Agreed. It did kinda cost a bit. 9. Agreed? They tell me to use WeChat more. 10. Used to, but I quit playing the game responsible. 11. Tried and succeeded. 12. I can probably do it again. 4. Almost there? Though honestly it's closer to 2 than 4.
  4. So this starter vn list is to be subjective and based on your experiences rather than an objective list?
  5. Yukiteru/Gasai/pick-your-god from Mirai Nikki? I can't be sure because I haven't seen all instances of Dragonball, but they haven't yet managed to break the walls of space-time with a hammer, last I checked.
  6. I seem to be going out of my way to find things I dislike about Dies Irae for some reason, but thus far the action is about the only part of Dies Irae I've liked (admittedly it's amazing at that, though). Maybe the music, too, but I don't tend to make conscious note of the music in VNs while I play. Then again, it IS a chuunige, so maybe that was the point. My opinions will probably turn by the time I'm done with Rea. Edit: Finished Rea. Started off pretty exciting, but fell flat just about as quickly.
  7. As much as I would love to be that guy who would stay by her side until the end, knowing myself, chances are, I'd bail out. I consider myself pretty weak-willed, and don't honestly trust myself to have the strength of heart to last through that.
  8. Yeah... I'm going to need some help when I get to this stuff.
  9. Pretty sure Ittaku Finished TH2 translation? Edit: A beta patch, anyway.
  10. I think you're missing a 2 after To Heart. The original isn't to the standard that most vn noobs today would be interested in reading. I mean, heck, how many people here has read To Heart?
  11. This may be random, but what happened to the commentary on the last 2 routes to Tapestry?
  12. Finished Tsuki Dake ga Watashi no Shiteiru Koto wo Miteiru. Didn't enjoy it nearly as much as the last few books as I read it, but I totally missed all the hints the author was dropping throughout the novel, so she was probably a better writer than I gave her credit for. Ended up being a bit more enjoyable for that, but still, not nearly as good as the last few books.
  13. Are you working with WinterStar, or is this independent from his project? As for relation to AkaGoei,
  14. Skyspear disappeared into thin air. Maji-Translations picked it up, and are in the translation process right now. I'm not sure, but I don't think we got have 2ON's supposedly almost complete Benkei route translations. From what I understand, Dowolf started (mostly) from scratch.
  15. Says the guy who uses S Tsubame cg as avatar? Benkei route in A-1 features a event with Saki, for those who may be interested.
  16. I don't have the games on me, so just the games/routes December without Angels Sakaki Shinobu ending cg. Devil on the G-string Usami Haru ending cg Kira Kira Kirari Normal End cg (you can guess which one) Love Replica pool, night cg
  17. Playing Dies Irae - Acta est Fabula
  18. Well... We did finish your magnified-challenge thing within hours of posting. I can't say much for decline of Fuwa since I'm new, but I've got another forum that has all but its head in the grave to worry about, and Fuwa is thriving by comparison.
  19. There is no common route. You open with a choice screen.
  20. Living in Japan, most everything I buy is naturally Japanese. However I figured tonight's purchase was worth mention. So, I decided to go and buy my first ever physical copy of VN. What I planned on buying tonight: Dies Irae or ChuSingra 46+1 What I ended up buying tonight:
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