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  1. I've done at least 13 or 14 11-draws, and still not a single UR ;_;
  2. Kaguya no Shiro is the new EX song :3 I was disappointed when the JP server added Aishiteru Banzai today, after I had already played it a bunch on EN, but this totally makes up for it.
  3. The joke here is that I've done like nine 10+1 draws on the Japanese server and never gotten a UR. Maybe I will be spending more time with English server than I thought...
  4. Was gonna grind a bunch today but I'm still 3.5k points behind. That means I'll probably need a good 5k or 6k more points to be in top 1000 by the time this ends. I'm dropping out! And yeah the bigger tiers on JP don't really make things easier. For the May event the cutoff was top 25,000 players for the second copy of SR vs. this Nico event being top 1000 players...but you needed 26k event points to make it into top 25,000 players. Nico event is currently around 22k for top 1000, and there's only 12 hours left. Also they did a promo UR Kotori back in December similar to this upcoming
  5. The daily songs stay forever, they're never removed. A few months ago JP added a second rotation of 6 songs, that rotate separately from the first 4. So every day you have one song from the first rotation (mermaid festa/otomeshiki/soldier game/kokuhaku) and one song from the second rotation.
  6. Used a bunch of loveca to get Nico and...apparently now I'm just barely in top 1000? This is way more competitive than any event I've had to deal with in JP ._.
  7. I haven't really found love gems to be a problem on the JP server. By January I had already idolized all the N's and R's so there weren't any more gems to get from those (besides new ones they added), and yet from only spending 5000 yen for 86 gems, I ranked high enough for the second copy of the SR from a January event, a February event, both March events, both April events, a May event, a June event, and still had love gems left over for three 10+1 pulls. I mean if your expectation is that you'll do a 10+1 pull every week, no that won't happen, but I've never felt like I wasn't making progre
  8. So sort of funny story, I had 46 clears on Hard Solider Game in JP, and still had never gotten a full combo. Very first attempt in EN, I full combo. Wrong serverrrrrrrr. (luckily I then switched back to JP and fc'd it. but man was that embarrassing for a moment)
  9. I have 36 clears of this song on the JP server, so technically I'm cheating >_>
  10. That sounds like a bug. I got 83 exp from Hard just now.
  11. They used to cost 25 LP on JP server too. Then this last April, they added Expert versions of the daily songs that cost 25 LP, and changed the easy/normal/hard to 5/10/15. 25 LP does make it harder to practice, but you get 83 exp from 25 LP songs, which is a slightly better exp/lp ratio than the 15 LP songs. And it also makes it a lot faster to grind during events which is nice.
  12. I didn't start playing until last October, but according to this http://decaf.kouhi.me/lovelive/index.php?title=List_of_Events The first event to have an EX song was Listen To My Heart, which is several events away. Sooo it might be a while unfortunately.
  13. The 4x ver. just gives four times the event points, it's exactly the same gameplay as the normal Hard version. Harder difficulty would be the Expert version, which hopefully we will get for the Love Novels event! EX Love Novels is really fun.
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