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  1. Unionism Quartet A-3 Days

    I was still happy to see the characters again in a sequel because I liked the first one but yeah the story is really bad in this one... Well it's a fan disk, I guess they just wanted the cash :/.
  2. Kanojo Step

    Same :/ but well we don't have a choice. I always like Smee for the comedy part of their Visual Novel. So I'm ok with it. Pure X Connect was awesome, I laugh until the end lol.
  3. Taking a short break (by my standards)

    I liked a lot the setting and the story. But the heroines... For me they are worst than those on Daitoshokan. It was really painful to read, none of them appeal to me because of the story they were all out of the place. I only did Elza route and gave up the others.
  4. VN of the Month: Just letting yall know

    I always read most of your post too. I vote for continuing !
  5. Lamunation

    Haha, I did like this one. All those reference was funny. I laugh a lot. Well, I'm a fan of south park... So all those dirty joke didn't bother me. This visual novel remind me a bit of Gintama sometime with the same humor.
  6. Signs of a saturated market: Charage/moege

    xD. It's fine that people liked those type of game :). I just want them to make a little more less of moege to have other things time to time :p.
  7. Signs of a saturated market: Charage/moege

    It's true that the story is not always the most important factor. Sometime playing some moege with cute girl in it is fine. But they are recycling the genre indefinitely with nothing new every month. Same type of heroine, same setting, same joke, same story. Over and over again for years. For a veteran reader, you are just tired of that stuff. I'm not criticizing anyone. I'm just sharing my opinion on the subject.
  8. Natsuiro Kokoro Log

    I didn't even have the strength to finish one route. I was literally sleeping in front of my computer lol. I guess this one is for a certain type of audience.
  9. *cries* Soshite Hatsukoi ga Imouto ni Naru

    I read this one too. Usually, I'm not into nakige. But this one was really good even for me. Because the drama was not forced and felt natural. I don't like most of the nakige because there is always some random shit happen to the Mc. But in this one, the story felt consistent.
  10. Natsu no Iro no Nostalgia was in the same style and it was made by Moonstone too. I guess they continue to do more Vn mystery/horror. And they are quite good :D.
  11. VN of the Month plans: May Releases

    Well yeah, the characters was not bad but they were too generic for me. I prefer something with a consistent plot like a big story with drama. Or even just a gag comedy Vn. But this one was so cliche that I didn't laugh at all lol. I guess it can't help for those type of game :). I will wait to see what Clephas think of it.
  12. VN of the Month plans: May Releases

    Lol, I dropped Natsuiro Kokoro Log. It might not be my cup of tea. I don't know. I will let Clephas try it before saying anything.
  13. Some explanations about my current state

    I hope you get better soon !
  14. Sengoku Koihime X ~Otome Kenran Sengoku Emaki

    Kensuke is definitely not an another idiot protag harem who do nothing lol. That's why this is defintively one of my favourite Vn about the Sengoku Era. The story was really good !
  15. My experience with Gameplay VNs

    IMZ is also my favorite. But I found out Baldr Sky that I like a lot too and it had some gameplay in it. Sankai Ou no Yubiwa is really not good. I can confirm that. I finished the first part of one character. The problem is that there almost no story to read :S.
  16. I was fine with Kani . But I generally skip the VA part too unless it is something really epic because I want to read as much as I can when I have the time. One average Moege/Charage take me 2 days max to finish it nevertheless I'm not like Clephas because I don't read every path of the game. I used to go with the heroines I like the most and stop there. And for the rest, I read his review lol. Except if it's a Chuunige or something really worth reading (~凍京NECRO is coming :o.~).
  17. Pulltop's new VN, why I might not play it

    I agree with you. By originality, I didn't mean something entirely new. But something worth reading.
  18. Pulltop's new VN, why I might not play it

    True but when you are like me or Clephas after reading more than 500 Visual novels, you are just tired to read the same thing over again and again. So without any originality in the story I don't want to risk myself in something that I don't like. I suppose it's the same for him. Nevertheless, I always read review or test from a lot of people so if the game is good I will take peek.
  19. November releases, what I'm playing/looking forward to

    Nice list. I'm just adding this one 僕はキミだけを見つめる -I gaze at only you- for myself. It's a remake made by Inre-soft, the same studio who made Chusingura 46+1. So maybe it won't be bad.
  20. Renai Phase was the worst Vn I read from Giga. And a few of their slice of life Vn were not that bad really... I even like some of them. I don't know why they so fuck up this time...
  21. Himesama Love Life: Why is this month so awful so far?

    I don't know about Koikake but all those others are delay to October. They will be a ton of Visual novel on october...
  22. Seikishi Melty Lovers

    I gave up after one route. The story was too predictable. It was really boring... I would rather read Walkure Romanze. It's the same stuff with knight and all with a better story.
  23. Sangoku Hime 4: Giving up in Exasperation

    I gave up on this one too... The story pace was way too slow and all those slice and life scene were really out of place. I rather play Eiyuu Senki.
  24. Possibilities for August's releases: VN of the Month

    It's still better than the previous month .
  25. I have the exact same opinion about this one. I was bored to death :S. I almost dropped it.