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  1. It is now funded http://www.polygon.com/2015/6/16/8787497/shenmue-3-reached-kickstarter-goal
  2. I'm talking VNs like this, mainly. Doesn't have to use IRL characters.
  3. This is what I said above. I would prolly also prefer he start in French first, then move onto English later on. The slice of life genre IMO is too moege'd and it's not as fun to play moeges unless there's something interesting in it or about it.
  4. Watermelon style for life

  5. "b-but muh censorship" http://www.siliconera.com/2015/06/03/corpse-party-blood-drive-will-likely-be-uncensored-in-the-west-says-xseed/ Good news then?~
  6. My experiences with anything like this has always seen people want to be paid, or some sort of reward/perk for doing it. Maybe think of a funsy way if you cannot afford to dish out money?
  7. So, uh, hi there! My screenname is DatYandereGirl. I am a fan of the Yandere trope, and characters. I live in the USA, IL to be exact. I'm 23 years old, and my gender is female. I removed my gender status due to the way females got treated on this forum years ago, so yeah~ So, anyway, this blog is mainly about VN reviews, random shit, and anything else. This is my all-in-one blog. I would love to do my own blogging site though, but Fuwa already has a dedicated readerbase. ;3 Anyway, I'm probably going to review a VN when I complete all the routes.. Reading long VNs is fine, but it'd take me more time to post a review. My reviews are opinionated, so your mileage may vary for VNs I play and you like or dislike. Aside from that, this is a pretty short blog post! My normal blog posts try and be around 200-300 words if it's a review, sometimes longer. I will provide a TL;DR version, or allow a member to do so even if they want. Welcome to my DatYandereGirl's blog, and have a nice day/evening!
  8. I'd love if you did post updates every few days or week or two. I recall knowing him, though briefly as I left the boards here. I also was put in the hospital for that week long period and it's BORING as hell in the hospital. I had low potassiusm and such issues, not a stroke. Did some physical therapy stuff as well, which to be quite honest was not hard. I got released from it my final day, as I'm likely sure they'd make me do it after getting out or make me stay if they felt I was not ready. Note this was a few years ago now, though. I still take meds for certain things for it. I still wish you and him luck and hope he can get better someday to join his friends on here!
  9. This is what I had originally thought to myself. MS' official 'check if your PC can be updated to 10' read my stuff was good aside from drivers which the devs or whoever would have to update. Do note I have never upgraded to those OS systems on my own PC, but I have bought various PCs that have it pre-installed that ran XP, Vista, or 8. Finally, 7 was my final stop when my old PC broke and I just stuck it out with a pre-build. I was just making sure is all! Thanks for your response
  10. I had to look him up, but he sounds good. Still, everyone else expressed concerns about if a guy got started that he'd get a C&D. Angel Beats! is likely gonna get translated by Sekai Project I bet.
  11. Sounds like a good VN idea. I'm not too picky about VNs aside from if it's just a fapfest of h-scenes. After the French language version is done, have you considered allowing French to English people to help? Widespread it to every language, or at least allow an easy way to allow ANYONE to translate is what I love bout VNs. I wish your VN good luck, and if you ever need funding help I'd probably suggest Kickstarter.
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