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  1. Well I guess I should have mentioned that I played it ! :3 Same thing with Sharin no Kuni! Played it! Really the reveal on the later route is so fucking amazing. Forgot to mention it :3
  2. I have already read the following great VNs which have a ladder structure : 1) G-Senjou no Maou 2) Grisaia no Kajitsu 3) DameKoi I like the ladder structure because the later routes are not entirely in an alternate reality, the heroines who weren't chosen know that they weren't for whatever reason. Damekoi was especially good here because well if you choose a particular heroine or if you don't, characters have a reaction to that action. It's not like most VNs where other characters just won't give a fuck because at that point in the common route they don't know the MC that well. Another good thing to have would be a true route, like man the true route in G-senjou was fucking amazing. A few things I really like in the VNs I read : 1) Less comedy, more drama. (Think Damekoi and WA 2 (Same author)) 2) If there's no drama also it's fine then there should be action/suspense/thrill! (Think g-senjou no maou / Grisaia Series ) 3) I would say to all this Majikoi is an exception, it has a ton of comedy along with action but overall I would say I like those kind of VNs. Loved Tsujidou-san as well. I don't know how to explain it so if you have VNs like those in mind, shoot!
  3. So I am planning to get creative and make some Grisaia no Kajitsu banner. What I need is a similar font to what the game uses to make the title! Any help in looking for one would be appreciated!
  4. This is one of those VNs that I am unable to play just like Fate. I have played Ayakashibito and I agree with what you are saying. I only finished two routes tho so I may go back. It really sucks that Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien has no English TL. I have played Tomoyo After and plan to play Baldr Sky once it is out!
  5. Going to play Eden* for sure! Plan to play Fata Morgana at some point. I will play Eden* ! I have played both the Grisaia Triology and S;G. I have all the Muv-Luv's installed but i basically didnt play because its too huge and I figured that I don't have the time. Every single time you really recommend exactly what I would love to read , it's simply not translated ! Well , I do wish that Caramel Box VNs start coming to the west!
  6. Basically where the romance isn't light. It's all dramatic. So far VNs I played which seemed like it were WA 2 and Damekoi. Maybe Shiny Days which I am still playing mainly because I read a thread that Shiny days got plenty of milf heroines. (Manami oof) Ya that's about it also need that VN to be out in English. Other than that if yall dont mind recommending something like this too : 1) Not highschool stuff. 2) Examples : Nanarin , Damekoi , WA 2 (CC & CODA) 3) Things to note in the examples none of them are set in a highschool, its either college or working. Another thing I really love in my VNs is super OP protagonist. Example - Sharin no Kuni , G senjou no maou , Hello Lady! (isnt out yet but the MC is probably what i am lookin for) A which combines all of this would be the ULTIMATE VN! hahaha Also on a side note REALLY loved Evenicle and can't wait for Evenicle 2!
  7. Hey man! Those are some great recommendations! I think I am gonna be reading Eustia. ^^ Thanks !
  8. I mean, Sengoku Rance does exist from the same company but it's nothing like Evenicle. Tbh, in my opinion you and I both, must simply wait for Evenicle 2.
  9. Will wait for it to finish translation and play as soon as its out ! I am keeping an eye on all NekoNyan TL projects ! Looking forward to that one and Hello Lady especially. Thanks for the various recommendations. I really fancied Crescendo there, but I just can't handle NVL! It's the reason I haven't read fate/stay yet! I originally gave Damekoi a spin because it was from the author of WA 2 and SaeKano. Loved WA 2 CC. Waiting for CODA to finish translation!
  10. So I recently played Damekoi except the Mitoko route because I was scared but that's not the point. The point is, I loved the cast of non-highschool going heroines ! So all I want is a VN with adult people. College setting would be fine too. I really enjoyed the Asami route. So, basically a VN which doesn't have all the characters going to highschool! Also please only recommend VNs which have an English TL or are being translated to English!
  11. I have read a lot of VNs with school settings. I would like my next VN to be either set in college or a work place maybe ? Thank you.
  12. Guess so. Got a huge VN backlog atm tho. I am going to finish hapymaher before I read anything else.
  13. I have had this one installed on my PC for ages!! Just not been playing it because I remember not liking the very start of this particular VN.
  14. Well to be honest I am just looking for a replacement of White Album 1. The setting of that VN goes like the MC being in a relationship already and then xyz happening. So ya well I am aware of the fact that VNs of that kind are rare but that's why I am looking for them!
  15. I plan to get into Machine Learning and AI in the near future. Let's hope that AI can take over tl jobs and make it super fast. Since google hasn't done it yet we are from it.(probably ) I think about learning Jp a lot but I simply don't have the time! Thanks for your recommendations man. Always appreciate it ! This thread will definitely help people who are looking for this stuff!
  16. Wish Mangagamer starts translating VNs from minori man.
  17. Oh I recall watching an anime of the same name. After a simple google search looks like it does have a English patched VN. Thanks again! I have the Muv-Luv series on Steam. Not started yet because looks like Muv-Luv alternative is the awesome one and you have to play the two mediocre games before it just to understand alternative. Btw for now I found this randomly on nyaa. Its more of an eroge and super short https://vndb.org/v13249
  18. It is truly a shame that none of the VNs you mentioned have an English patch yet. Looks like the first one is getting an official one soon from Mangagamer tho. I'll look forward to that while continuing hapymaher. Thanks!
  19. Drama based on romance. Alright let me elaborate. The kind of drama where one particular route isn't a one on one deal. We have our protagonist and other male characters, we have our main heroine and other female characters too. So when you are playing the route for that particular heroine everything isn't smooth sailing. We have trust issues, love triangles,jealousy and all kinds of negative shit that comes with romance. In a VN like Hatsukoi 1/1 once you are in the route of a particular girl other female characters are as good as your sister. On the other hand in WA 2, whatever route you choose its never a one on one affair.
  20. Kind of remember this from the anime. I trust it's a much better story than what the anime was able to portray ?
  21. I am talking about the kind of Drama you find in WA 2. The opposite of stuff like Hatsukoi 1/1. Thank you.
  22. I just finished the anime of White Album which I had avoided for a long time but I was in one of those frames of mind where I wanted to see some drama..now I regret it. Nothing in the anime sat well with me and I really want to know what happens in the VN. I know that many of you guys can even read jp so if any of you by any chance has played White Album can you please tell me what happens in the VN!? I was frustrated with the anime of WA 2 due to its end as well but I go to play its VN up to the closing chapter and CODA is on its way. Is there any chance of WA 1 ever getting an English TL? Looking at how the raw game is not available anywhere, I doubt it but I have to ask! Thank you.
  23. I have had school says installed for a long time but the way the VN is I didnt feel like playing it. I am gonna listen to you and not touch yandere. Already talked about school says, thanks foe the rec tho! Well for this I'll have to play DA CAPO no ? Can you tell me how I should go about playing DA CAPO? There is a lot of it out there... I have read this VN. In one of the routes yes I did end up in a bad end but this is not what I am looking for. Like I want a proper cheating route where there's a plot involved too. This was just getting an NSFW scene with another character and boom bad end. haha
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