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  1. Good luck with your project
  2. Have been wondering if you guys were still around, sent you a message on Twitter
  3. Hi hi, We finally released our DEVELOPER DEMO. You can Download it on ITCH.IO. Come and discuss about it to help us improve ~ Nahilys https://twitter.com/LekasoftStudio https://www.facebook.com/lekasoft/
  4. Hi everyone ! I am starting this thread for Lekasoft Studio to discuss with the Visual Novel community about their first Work in Progress : Lost Winter Nights. Our team is very interested in people's opinion on our current skills and direction. We do believe every comment has a reason behind it, be it positive or negative and will consider them all equally. We would also want to make sure our opinions are well understood and do all we can to prevent misunderstanding. You can DL our DEV.Demo on ITCH.IO (free of charges. Also, feel free to check out a bit more about our thought process releasing this Developer Demo if you haven't yet. ~ Nahilys
  5. Really nice to have Teargirlvn as your BG artist, really love her art. I wish I could work with such a talented artist as well Good luck with your project!
  6. Hello there, long time no see ! - Lisbeth's new sprite lineart added. - New soundtrack by Mock Off "Days" added. - Aika & Morgan DEMO sprites sheets added (non-exhaustive). We will be releasing a Developer Demo in the incoming DAYS hopefully, just waiting for our last soundtrack to be done. It will be a short introduction to our demo heroines Aika & Morgan as well as a quick showdown of our skills. In the same time, we will use this demo to look for a final Backgrounds Artist. More news on our Twitter : https://twitter.com/LekasoftStudio / Wait for it Nahilys, [email protected] / [email protected] https://www.facebook.com/lekasoft/
  7. Visuallly well done, but the story was terrible indeed
  8. Nahilys


    Thanks. I can already say I'm in love with Setsuko there Her sleepy face is the best
  9. Nahilys


    Looking nice, good luck on your upcoming demo
  10. I knew it! Recognized bonkiru's art very quick haha If only he could draw boys too, I'd have worked with him on our own project I'm not fond of the BG art but it gives a special atmosphere. I really like the character art & the writing seems pretty fun too. Nice job there
  11. Agree. Except the fact that all your points which are mostly negative points to me as a screenwriter made me cry of disgust watching that movie. Especally this :
  12. Some new looks for our heroines by Vaatry :3 ~ Aika swimsuit outfit ~ ~ Morgan swimsuit outfit ~ ~ Alice's design rework sketch ~ More news on our Twitter ! ~ Nahilys
  13. Looking forward to the demo, good luck with it
  14. Usually : - Long, straight hair. Mostly black, but brown, red or blond accepted ! - Thin body, small breasts (Not loli though) - Dominant. Not really Tsundere, just dominant overall. - Younger OR older (I'm 22 :D) by a few years. - Sexually innocent OR very experienced. - Preferably voiced by Hanazawa Kana or Chiwa Saito (Ayana Taketatsu or Hayami Saori accepted !) I'm not really into equality in a relationship...
  15. I love that Euphoria song from the first time I heard it
  16. Still very interesting thoughts that I'll be able to think about & talk with our writer I should be able to release a developer demo in the incoming week so we can talk a bit more on that matter !
  17. Hey, you should find some great ones here Or some others from the game : That one is no anime nor VN but just a personal favorite game song (Blade&Soul)
  18. I am not sure I get your point, but I understand that it's definitely too fast for you. We'll remember that. I did edit my previous post cause I felt lile using words numbers might be better. I didn't do it on all scenes, but I can't find any going over 900words. Some of the first ones are hardly around 300 words. While reading it myself, I think of it more of an anime kind of pacing rather than a book, which makes me like it, especially because they're mostly dialogues. I'm currently working on a developer demo with a few scenes of my choice so people can have a better idea of its writing.
  19. Due to a lot of dialogues, we believe voice acting will slow down the whole thing. Also, I like your reaction altough I am not sure I understand it. What is wrong in reading shorter scenes in your opinion ?
  20. I first started this thread because our scenes last around 2 min at average reading speed (250 to 850 words/scene) which is more like a movie scene speed in comparison to VN I've read/tried where a single scene can last for very long. I wanted to know how would people react to such writing which is a style we kinda like within the team. It makes music composing a bit difficult cause we wouldn't want to change the music every 2min, but I think we found a good way to deal with it @Fred the Barber We indeed focus mostly on the plot. Thank you a lot for your detailed opinion !
  21. I think that also all depends on how long your whole story is meant to last ?
  22. Sure. I understand your point, thank you for sharing it. I do use the Visual Novel name just because we are using the same presentation (Background + sprite + textbox). As a quick example, our demo will feature the whole Introductory Chapter of the story which is a total of 6 days ingame for a total of around 18 500 words (18 422 at the moment, few more to be added). The final game is meant to last 10 weeks. People say a 200k words story is pretty good, although we mostly have dialogues and not much narration nor description (by choice).
  23. I think it'd be important not to be biased because of the name "Visual Novel". Let's just talk about let's say "stories". I am not sure I understand the difference.
  24. Hi, I am currently working on an English Visual Novel called Lost Winter Nights which has a very fast paced writing and I was wondering how the public would react to when our demo comes out. I am not a very big fan of Japanese Visual Novels because of very slow paced stories which tire me a lot since I am not a native english speaker. I am a student here in France to become a professional screenwriter and I have been noticing that stories can be told very shortly, simply but still be very interesting and fun especially with great art backing them up. As the leader for the project, I was worried for quite some time that this type of writing may not be well appreciated by the community but I started to like it myself, as it feels actually more like a theatre play with dialogues for the most part. I have to admit that voice acting is a must for that kind of writing though, which is something we totally plan to have. What do you guys people think of that kind of writing ? I could potentially show some samples from our writer to illustrate my words. Looking forward to hearing your opinions on that matter
  25. Hi and good day to all. I am glad to announce that I finally launched our Twitter account, updating it everyday with new stuff although I'm a bit new to it. Stay in touch and thank you to everyone who support us. https://twitter.com/LekasoftStudio ~ Nahilys
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