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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to atorq in Fuwanovel Confessions   
    Don't. Ask her for a date, and make it clear that that is what it is. And be prepared for the worst, don't expect it, but be prepared.
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    AaronIsCrunchy got a reaction from Caio000 in Fuwanovel Confessions   
    Just try and make the most of whatever it is you're doing. It sounds a little corny, but there's likely to be things you'll come across that you'd never even considered as potential directions for you. As long as you engage with it, the ideas will come to you eventually. Enjoy it!
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to Decay in Valve to abolish Steam Greenlight   
    It will also curtail the flood of cheap Ren'py games, which many people in this community aren't exactly thrilled about.
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to Fred the Barber in Fuwanovel Confessions   
    Confession: Further confirming my horrible sense of humor, I watched the Lego Batman movie and really enjoyed it. Was really surprised to see Will Arnett was doing the voice of Batman when the credits rolled, then thought back and was not even remotely surprised. He was perfect. It's no surprise to see him rock a ridiculous over-the-top comedy role like Lego Batman, though I still can't get over how good he was in The Secret World of Arrietty as a rock-solid calm-as-can-be father. Anyway, surprisingly entertaining movie, and well worth the $0 I paid for it (yay office field trips).
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    AaronIsCrunchy got a reaction from Fred the Barber in What are you playing?   
    I'm actually reading something new for the first time in, like, 8 months, or whenever I last read Tokyo Babel which I've still not finished.
    TENKIAME! 天気雨!It's a little bit of a milestone for me, as it's my first untranslated VN. As such, it's proving to be a slow read, although I'm definitely faster now than I was a month ago or whenever it was when I started it. (As an aside to those who have not mastered the moonrunes, I'd honestly recommend anyone who has a grasp of the grammar essentials and something of a grounding lexicon of Japanese to read stuff in it. It helps SO MUCH with progression. Just take things at your own pace and what you get out of it is amazing.)
    Anyway, I just finished the common route and I have some thoughts (spoilers abound I guess).
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    AaronIsCrunchy got a reaction from mitchhamilton in HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!!   
    You wouldn't have it any other way and you know it
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to HMN in HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!!   
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    AaronIsCrunchy got a reaction from LuzianoZOMBI3 in Hello folks.   
    Welcome luziano
    Any favourite VNs? If you've got a vndb account you can slap it on your profile and people can judge you give you suggestions!
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to Vokoca in What are you playing?   
    Checking in for my obligatory boring post.  
    I'll start with something at least some people might care about - I've started re-reading Fate/stay night, this time in Japanese, on my Vita. What this means is that I'm finally getting to experience the original writing and all the perks of Realta Nua... at the expense of the sea life encyclopedia h-scenes, oh no!  I've never seen the replacement scenes, so they better at least not be absolute shit, if they are taking the pinnacle of comedy that were the original h-scenes away from me - though no matter what they do, I have my worries about HF already. Please don't be shit. D:
    Anyway, the re-read is going well so far. Nasu's writing is fun as always. In Fate especially, it is extremely noticeable when he decides to flip his chuuni switch - as soon as these "Prelude" battle scene come in and the narrative switches into third person, Nasu throws away his baby Japanese and goes hardcore into his (often) archaic vocabulary. It's such a stark difference that you immediately notice it from scene to scene, with not only the entire lexicon different, but the structure too. Now I don't remember the English translation much since I read it years ago, but I think they did a reasonably good job within the limitations of English - some people might want you to believe that "Omg Nasu's writing is the most unique untranslateable thing ever!1!1!!", but really, all it amounts to are some subtleties that might not work with other languages, and within the context of Japanese itself it's not some amazing mastercraft either; it's just good writing.
    As for the story, I am about halfway through the Fate route. I should probably put it out there that I never was a Saber fan, and this re-read only reaffirms that sentiment. I'm pleasantly surprised that even after all these years (and with all the Fate knowledge now giving me a different context), my impression is still pretty much the same - that is, the Fate route feeling like some cruel experiment, in which you are forced to watch two hypocrites argue until your sanity crumbles into dust and you're left with nothing but bottomless despair. Though perhaps contrary to my first read-through, I don't feel like criticising the work for this at all, as it is clearly intentional with Nasu pursuing the theme of contradictions and heroism - still, it doesn't make the characters any more likeable.... that is to say, mainly Saber. How can people not like Shirou but adore Saber? They're both pretty much the exact same character, only Shirou has many more redeeming qualities, if only in his prerequisites for character development in the different routes.
    I would also like to comment on the port itself. I might've freaked out on this forum some years back when I tried the Vita demo for the first time, screaming about how for some reason the protagonists weren't voiced and that the OST was shit and what not - well, frankly, that's what happens when you're a dumb idiot like me and don't give something a proper chance.  The MCs are voiced - the VN just goes out of its way to disable their voices by default when you start the prologue and when you start the real game. I guess my weird recent habit of scourging the menus before starting a VN has finally paid off, haha. The new OST can also be switched for the old one in the settings - but weirdly enough, I prefer the remade OST now. It just feels like a more competent rendition of the original tracks - with some rare exceptions, that is. The VN also is widescreen now - but all this really means is that you get to scroll the screen up and down as you see fit - or just turn it back to 4:3 if you're a crazy person. There also is a flowchart, which got me really excited at first, but while the flowchart paints itself as you go on, it doesn't really let you jump around in it - maybe they just want you to finish one route first?
    Which brings me to the last point - the bad ends! I love the bad ends in this VN! Not only are they elaborate and often go for much longer than you'd expect, they're often presented in ways where you aren't even sure if you are on a bad end or not until you see the game over screen. Best of all, some of the bad ends are flag-based, instead of simple choices - and these are the best ones, for sure. This is just the part that makes me wish the flowchart was more, well, interactive, but again, maybe that is a thing that gets enabled later.
    I wanted to talk about more VNs, but looking at this wall of text... I will probably just leave it for some other time. (;´・ω・)
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    AaronIsCrunchy got a reaction from Fred the Barber in What Anime are you watching now?   
    Watched both seasons of "I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying" today.
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    AaronIsCrunchy got a reaction from Fred the Barber in What Anime are you watching now?   
    Watched both seasons of "I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying" today.
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    AaronIsCrunchy got a reaction from Fred the Barber in What Anime are you watching now?   
    Watched both seasons of "I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying" today.
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    AaronIsCrunchy got a reaction from Fred the Barber in What Anime are you watching now?   
    Watched both seasons of "I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying" today.
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to HotTrax in What are you listening to right now?   
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to Funyarinpa in Books!   
    I was fine, cheery and all, this morning. 
    I read fifty pages of Haruki Murakami's Norwegian Wood.
    I now feel like the loneliest person on Earth.
    Great book.
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to Soulless Watcher in Your waifu in a neural network   
    You know I thought the Pig - Human hybrid was the creepiest scientific thing I would hear about this month, but Jesus. Who knew that a machine desperately trying to learn Japanese would sound...... so fucking haunting. 
    You know the more I think about it, this has a whole Minerva's Den vibe about it.
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to Segai in Your waifu in a neural network   
    So I was browsing YouTube and happened to stumble onto a guy who fed a recurring neural network (LSTM type) some cute VN girl noises. The girl in question is Hinata from Pure Pure. Needless to say the results are interesting...
    It's rather interesting to see just what a machine picks up from that, and damn creepy.
    The amount of iteration on the left signifies how often the network has gone over the 10 minute sample data and is also a good measure of how much it has learned.
    Also bonus points if you turn on CC and watch a machine try to understand what another machine is trying to say.
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to Nosebleed in Petition to unbann Yandere Simulator from Twitch   
    I think the point the dev was trying to make with the video was that he can't do anything if Twitch won't talk to him. Maybe everything is wrong with the game, maybe it's just some elements, but the dev is willing to work with Twitch to fix whatever issues they have with the game so it can be streamed, he wants the game to suit Twitch's needs, so the issue here is that Twitch won't talk to him about it. 
    Some of his comparisons with other games are, well, shit (because context matters). I think it's clear the issue with Yandere Simulator is the combination of all these elements and the focus the game puts on them, not just one or two single "controversial" elements (hence why the comparisons really didn't serve much purpose anyway).
    Lastly, Twitch wants money. Him saying it's anything but money is silly. Anime games, especially ones with controversial elements like Yandere Simulator, are likely not something Twitch wants on their platform (they have to be ad-friendly after all). Plus, the game has not proven itself to be big enough for Twitch to "look away" and let it be on its platform. Yes, GTA 5 and God of War are pretty explicit games, but they're big household names, so of course Twitch will let super popular games like that be streamed. Yandere Simulator has not proven itself to be this type of game (youtube views/subs mean jackshit to Twitch), so for now it's going to be lumped with the other "creepy weeb games".
    But regardless of whether the game is controversial or not, I think Twitch is in the wrong for not talking to the dev. Even if it was just  to say they can not stream his game, even if it was just to say the entire premise of the game is something they don't like, I believe the dev has the right to an answer from Twitch, who proudly talk about how they support game devs and want them to be successful.
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    AaronIsCrunchy got a reaction from mitchhamilton in Petition to unbann Yandere Simulator from Twitch   
    Christ. Even twitch knows they're shit.
    Signed, anyway - even if he doesn't get anything done about the ban, he at least should have something of an explanation, and as slightly overwrought as the video was he got his point across
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to Decay in Petition to unbann Yandere Simulator from Twitch   
    This petition is unlikely to do anything. The video already has 1.5 million views despite being posted today. It has gone viral and there is a large amount of backlash being aimed at Twitch. They are certainly now more acutely aware of the problem than they have ever been, and a petition with a thousand or two signatures won't change the way they look at it, in the face of millions of people watching and becoming incensed over a youtube video. This is like the equivalent of a single dude taking potshots at the German army with a bb gun during the Battle of the Bulge.
    You're doing good enough work by spreading the video around and discussing its main talking points, increasing awareness of the problem. That is what will actually inspire change. It's probably best not to focus too much on the petition specifically, put your attention to where it will do the most good if you want to do anything about this.
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to Deep Blue in Petition to unbann Yandere Simulator from Twitch   
    I saw everything!!
    Here is what happened:
    First Mitch said "Wooow", then bigfat went "kapaauuhh", after that a lot of "KaBOOM" and "Kaplaaaaash", finally completely silence, at that point I was a little afraid of what might happen but then I heard a "glup glup glup" and everything was fine again.

    PS: voted, funny thing is that the sakura games are banned from twitch xD I didn't know that.
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to mitchhamilton in Petition to unbann Yandere Simulator from Twitch   
    for those who may not know what im going on about, the game yandere simulator was banned on twitch for seemingly no reason. the developer is one guy and he has been trying to find the reasoning for the ban on his game to no avail. it seems there isnt much of a reason as to why it is banned on twitch with games with content that would be considered more controversial than all the content in yandere simulator. this video can further explain the troubles he has faced.
    if you think that the ban was uncalled for and should be at least looked at further, please sign this petition to get it unbanned. spread it as much as you can if you think this game deserves it!
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to Funyarinpa in What are you listening to right now?   
    Was trying to find some instrumental track to fit the mood of Haruki Murakami's Norwegian Wood, and this came the closest.
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    AaronIsCrunchy got a reaction from Forgetful Frank in '...and not a single thing of worth was said.' - 500 posts ^ ^   

    Given I'm pretty sure I've contributed next to nowt of worth in my 18 months here, I'm frankly amazed I've gotten to 500 posts in the first place. Since joining the forums, I've read the grand total of 13 VNs (which is way more than I thought, sadly), learnt the basics of the Japanese language and apparently, not much else. Here's to the next worthless 500!  /
    Just wanna ping a few people who have enriched my life since joining this place:
    @mitchhamilton - for being a beautiful human being  And for pictures. Aw yee.
    @DarkZedge - for your tireless work in enriching lives with neko goodness. 
    @Forgetful Frank - for making me think you were a new source of intelligent conversation to the world, and then comprehensively obliterating that misconception  Also because you make me laugh on a daily basis.
    @Kaguya - for making the 'list of 50 translated VNs' list that I found on Google that drew me here initially, and for being a well-informed grounder of chats when things get a bit too bizarre. Also, a sincere thanks for snapping me out of my self-pitying hole around a year ago.
    @VirginSmasher - for discussions about technical death metal and deathcore, which is always a +1 in my book.
    @Kawasumi - for being one of the first people I recall having a chat with on here, and for having an incredible taste in music.
    @Arcadeotic - For your deadpan Finnish wit, immeasurable patience and appreciation that Tsumiki is indeed best girl, I stoop to you.
    @Fred the Barber - You either post something interesting or you post something that's funny, and that's good enough for me. Sorry for my constant avatar changing.
    @Dergonu - I had you pegged as a beautiful, pure yuri lover, and then look what happened  You're glorious all the same though, and if you ever continue with your story, gimme a shout and I'll be happy to read through it!
    @KosakiFag - I suspect you may have actually been the very first person I properly conversed with on here, though to be honest my memory is shit. You've been a constant though, and a wonderful one at that. Also thank you for bringing Subway pr0n into my life, which will never cease to be hilarious.
    @HMN - for just being generally lovely.
    @Asonn - for just being generally salty. And lovely.
    @Flutterz - for being salty. And lovely. And for bringing moe into our lives.
    @Kiriririri - for being the moe in our lives.
    @madvanced - your linguistic prowess will likely never cease to amaze me. Also thank you for Nyoron, which is simply incredible.
    Shit, this was longer than I anticipated. If I've forgotten anybody that feels like they've been forgotten, shout at me and I'll write a nice sentence about you
    (Also, if anyone has any questions I'll answer them. Probably.)